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  1. rodriguezsmith

    Interesting cannabis study

    Really interesting! One of my office colleagues is looking for the licensed marijuana dispensaries in San Jose to get quality cannabis products to get rid of Parkinson’s disease his mother is suffering from.
  2. rodriguezsmith

    Having fun with DBS & Blood Pressure

    Really liked the post here
  3. rodriguezsmith

    The Problems with Medical Marijuana

    One of my friends was also diagnosed with PD and was prescribed with medical marijuana in San Jose. Luckily, the results were really promising and he did not even discover any other issue, as you have mentioned.
  4. rodriguezsmith

    Medical Marijuana

    I got my medical marijuana card last week and looking for the best Cannabis Club in San Jose to get quality strains for Crohn’s disease, probably with CBD, so that won’t give me high.
  5. rodriguezsmith

    23 and me Participants - general PD genetics question

    What a great in information shared here. Thanks all