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  1. EnC

    Just diagnosed at age 40

    Been wondering the same for a while... It s not worthy, just the way it is. Keep strong!
  2. Also 32 right now, have diagnosis since 30. Don't know what can be going on. Just wanted to say, don't be scared. E
  3. EnC

    Sexual dysfunction

    Yes! I had some issues with it at the begining of my medication. It was improving with the time. E.
  4. EnC


    Thanks Otolorin
  5. EnC


    And here we are again.. At the beginning was hard to deal with it, at some point it left.. But since a couple of weeks it keeps coming to visit every night. Sometimes I think it's a part of my new super powers (produced by the medication), but the fact is that next day, i have always a couple of critics moments not to fall asleep at work. I wonder what other people do, when u open ur eyes at 3am and u think.."shit.., again" . My new yoga curse, Asthanga yoga, seems to help with it..at least today I opened my eyes at 5.30. I just think, it was great when I used to sleep 7 or 8 hours. Good morning to every one
  6. EnC

    How did you talk to others?

    Hi Melissa, I m 32 and I was diagnosed age 30 (although my symptoms started when I was 23). After 2 years saying it directly, I found out my way of communicating it. My speech is this. "I have a lower dose of dopamine/My brain produces.. and to deal with that I have to take daily medicine." I learnt that is not necessary to explain everyone about PD. Hope you find ur way. Best regards, E
  7. EnC

    Hi Fiona,

    could you please let us know how are you doing after some years of the treatment with Dr. WErth?


    I m thinking about getting it done as well, but I d like to hear some experiences from other people first.

    Best regards,


  8. EnC

    Dr. Werth Therapy

    Hi everyone! I m Enc, from Spain. I m new on this forum I m 32 years old and got my diagnosis almost two years ago. I ve been doing some researching in alternative therapies (right now taking L-Dopa & Pramipexol) but sadly didn't find too much. However, somehow I found the Therapy of Doctor Werth, who is working in Valencia (Spain). I checked in this forum if there was any conversation about it, but all I could find was from 2008-2009. Could anyone give an update about their situation or if anyone has some more info? I would really appreciate it. On the other hand, I m very happy about finding this place (finally!) Best regards, E