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    Yes, my dr is a movement disorder specialist. Tremor is much more pronounced on left side, and occurs at rest as well as when doing things like holding a cup of coffee. She also had me walk and noticed a rigidity as well as my left arm not moving when I walked. I'm also much weaker on the left side and occasionally lose my balance when I stand up. She was hopeful that it is the drugs causing it, so I'm now doing some waiting to confirm that, I guess. Weaning off anti-psychotics is tricky and certainly takes time. So I remain positive and hopeful. Thanks for the response and best wishes to you, too.
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    I have had tremors for over a year. Also drooling at night. My seborrheic dermatitis is terrible. I saw a neurologist who said everything pointed to Parkinson's but I am on Latuda so I needed to discuss that with my psych. They did a DaTScan and told me it came back normal. Now I am being weaned off the Latuda (and off Wellbutrin, too), but the symptoms all continue. I emailed my neuro about this because I am not convinced the DaTScan was conclusive. What are your thoughts, people? By the way, I'm new here. Male, 51.