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  1. Superdecooper

    Good morning!!

    Hey Linda, get well soon. -S
  2. Superdecooper

    Sports and Dopamine

    that's interesting noah. i guess everyone is different.
  3. Superdecooper

    Sports and Dopamine

    So, I decided to switch my swimming routine to early morning instead of late evenings. I took my regular dose of Rytary around 6 am and went swimming from 730-815 in the morning. By about 845 am, the Rytary had worn off and I was having tremors and pain again. The difference, I think, is that if I swim at night, I already have a full day of dopamine circulating in my system. In the morning, I had only taken one pill and that wasn’t enough to compensate for 45 mins of robust swimming. I don’t know, I’m guessing here. Im reluctant to repeat the morning swimming, but I’m going to do it again to see if i was just having a bad day. im pretty athletic..I swim a mile six days a week and walk about 3 miles a day during the work week. what do you all think? Feedback would be much appreciated.
  4. Superdecooper

    elect leaders who have integrity

    It’s not politically correct to roll your eyes when you hear facts.... lol!
  5. Superdecooper

    elect leaders who have integrity

    Hi DaveN, I don't have time to do the fact checking for you... but i'll just pick one statement. -- Greatly improved safety on the Korean Peninsula According to the current travel advisory from the U.S. State Department - Do not travel to North Korea due to the serious risk of arrest and long-term detention of U.S. nationals. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/KoreaDemocraticPeoplesRepublicof.html But if you believe Trump and think the Korean Peninsula has greatly improved security, go ahead and visit.
  6. Superdecooper

    elect leaders who have integrity

    PatriotM, Guess what? The facts don’t support most of that list of Trump talking points, despite what Fox News says. It also ignores all of Trump’s lying, racism, and bigotry. You seems like a decent person, so maybe Trump is right when he said, there are good people on both sides... -S
  7. Superdecooper

    cold sweats

    I really dislike the feeling of a cold sweat. I’ve found that sleeping in a cotton t-shirt absorbs much of the sweating - not all. But if I wake up and my shirt is soaking wet, at least my wife doesn’t get drenched. And the sheets and covers stay pretty dry. Second, before I started taking C/L and sweated more frequently and heavily, I used to also sleep on top of a regular bath towel. Using both the T-shirt and the towel kept me pretty dry. Not a solution but a work around. I’m finding that most of my life with PD is finding workarounds. -S
  8. Superdecooper


    Thanks Mark, i have been wondering about this and discussing it with other posters in a different thread. So far I’m noticing that taking a dose of Rytary before exercise is better for me... now if I could figure out what to do on those days when I sleep more than my normal 5 or 6 hours, and my dosing schedule is thrown off...
  9. The following is from a series of tweets about how to talk on the phone with a PWP who speaks very quietly. I'm just sharing this because the suggestions seem genuine, but maybe ineffective? It does show the options that people without PD are willing to try... ----- Yo disability twitter! I’m interviewing a gentleman by phone with decreased vocal abilities due to Parkinson’s and I’m looking for accessibility strategies/tools to bolster our communication and make this less strenuous for him. I’ll be using an iPhone, he has a landline 12:58 PM - 30 Oct 2018 New conversation Patch Donal‏ @PatchDonal Oct 30 More Replying to @LizDrogeYoung The way Deaf people did it back in the day was with TTY, but I think you need a special device for his end. Is voicing completely not an option for him, or is it just taxing/inefficient? Liz Follows‏ @LizDrogeYoung 23h23 hours ago More He can still speak, what I’ve been told is that volume and perhaps some word formation is an issue and requires lots of repeating so that folks on the other end to hear what he’s saying. I’m down for patience on my end, for sure! Kelsie Acton‏ @KelsieActon 20h20 hours ago More Any chance of switching to skype or a video call format? Being able to see him might help you understand quicker Liz Follows‏ @LizDrogeYoung 17h17 hours ago More Unfortunately, no, but a good thought Kelsie Acton‏ @KelsieActon 14h14 hours ago More I guess the only other tip I have is ask for a repeat of what was said and if you still don’t understand ask him to rephrase it. If you don’t understand after two tries listening to the same syllables may not be helpful Liz Follows‏ @LizDrogeYoung 3h3 hours ago More I really like this strategy End of conversation New conversation Jesse Menn‏ @jessemenn Oct 30 More Replying to @LizDrogeYoung Are there other tech options available? Liz Follows‏ @LizDrogeYoung Oct 30 More Def not on the interviewees end. I might be able to finagle something, but I’m a freelancer so it comes from my personal budget, or borrowed from husband’s university (or some disability resource I’m not thinking of?) Jesse Menn‏ @jessemenn Oct 30 More Sorry, I can't think of anything off the cuff. I've always been able to email/text with other person when there were vocal + motor difficulties; never had to rely on traditional landline. (OT: This is the first time I've felt at all like a millennial) Liz Follows‏ @LizDrogeYoung Oct 30 More I do appreciate the retweet! Direct message Jesse Menn‏ @jessemenn Oct 30 More Sure, hope something comes of it. I'll be interested in the replies either way. End of conversation New conversation Amy‏ @PracadAmy Oct 30 More Replying to @LizDrogeYoung @UntoNuggan I’m wondering if there aren’t technical solutions if at least some of your interview questions are yes/no or could be standardized to make shorter responses possible. Just a thought. Liz Follows‏ @LizDrogeYoung 23h23 hours ago More I’m looking to hear his story of how he got involved with this neat thing at a university, so flavor and color is what I’m hoping for, but I will put thought into my Qs so they *can* be answered simply. This is a really good suggestion! End of conversation New conversation Lawrence Carter-Long‏ @LCarterLong 22h22 hours ago More Replying to @LizDrogeYoung Not sure what your budget or resources might be, but you may want to do a tape sync. That is, have someone in the room with the person you are interviewing recording the interview with a decent mic and equip at the same time you're speaking on the phone. Liz Follows‏ @LizDrogeYoung 17h17 hours ago More I don’t that will work for this interview, but this is an excellent tip for future ones. Thanks! End of conversation New conversation Mike Henry‏ @mhenry07 21h21 hours ago More Replying to @LizDrogeYoung I worked on a project for a gentleman with Parkinson's and I learned to be patient and paraphrase what I thought he was saying to make sure I understood correctly. Also, family members were sometimes available to help. Perhaps he has a family member avail. for conference call? Ahhhhh Andrews‏ @alyssashmalyssa 19h19 hours ago More echoing @mhenry07 here! Direct message Liz Follows‏ @LizDrogeYoung 17h17 hours ago More I’m fairly certain I’ll have a family member to help. Good call on the paraphrasing to confirm I’m understanding (also a good interview tip in general, but I def get lazy and assume I know what’s going on) End of conversation Sam Dooley‏ @TaxPSL Oct 30 More Replying to @LizDrogeYoung This maybe obvious but. A really good pair of headphones for you and put mute on at your end when you’re not speaking. 0 replies0 retweets0 likes Susan Fong‏ @pixprin 3h3 hours ago More Replying to @LizDrogeYoung Just ask him!
  10. Superdecooper

    How does the Mask begin?

    Hi Sherrie and Diane, Here’s a suggestion and one I’ve haven’t done yet. But I plan to. 1.make a cup of tea. 2. Use FaceTime on your iPhone/iPad, or Skype in your computer or one of the various visual communications programs, to call each other and talk. ( first you have to exchange phone numbers in a private message and also set up the time for the call) 3. laugh, cry, smile, talk in real life, not just on the forum. Hang up and repeat later in the month. I think we’ve all been told to watch out for internet stalkers, etc. but I’m suggesting that this forum is full of folks who could meet in real life because they live close enough, or meet by using a regular phone call or meet via a digital/visual call. I have talked to at least three or four forum members by phone. Just to say hi and trade stories. It makes me feel less alone and like I’m not fighting PD by myself -S I may post this as a topic by itself.
  11. Superdecooper

    Just joined the club

    Got it. Here’s looking forward to a long beautiful Life.
  12. Superdecooper

    Just joined the club

    Hey mouser - i don't understand.. the good news is that you will have PD? Please explain.. (i'm sorry if you were joking and i didn't get it)
  13. Superdecooper

    Fasting and Meds

    I've gotten into the habit of taking Rytary with food, around meal or snack times. Seems to cut down on feeling a bit nauseous. But I guess I could try it without food and see what happens.
  14. Superdecooper

    Fasting and Meds

    Hi gang, So, i had to go in for a fasting blood test on Thursday morning. I had my last dose of Rytary around 8 pm on Wednesday night. Because of the blood test, I took my regular dose of Rytary about 2 1/2 hours late on Thursday morning, since I normally take it with food and i couldn't eat anything. Usually, I take Rytary around 6 or 6:30 am, but I didn't get it in my body until around 8:30 am. Thursday was not fun. I was playing catch up all day and symptoms were never really under control. By about 8 am I noticed a return to the freezing in doorways thing (I hate that), reduced arm swing, and I was limping noticeably because my right foot was cramping and curling. And, my right hand felt like someone had stretched a too small glove on it, and packed the glove full of marbles - I just couldn't get it to relax. Plus I had a mild tremor going on in my right hand and right foot, and I was starting to bite my tongue because my teeth were chattering. Most of that calmed down by around 1:30 pm, but I was just uncomfortable most of the day. I'm hoping for a better day today. has anyone had a similar experience? and how do you deal with fasting and meds?
  15. Superdecooper

    The PD Roller Coaster...

    Hi Mac, I had a pretty difficult path to diagnosis. I wrote all about it. I visit one general neurologist, one fellow who was training to be an MDS, and then got a second opinion from another MDS. The process lasted from September 2017 to June 2018. I spent about two years ignoring/denying how my body was acting before my wife decided that I should seek medical attention. I'm taking PD meds, life is starting to return to what passes for normal now. You can read most of it here in a series of posts that have been viewed nearly 6,000 times ...