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About Me


2003 - work injury

2004- Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion surgery on c5-c6 bulging disc in spine

2004 - Arthroscopic Decompression surgery on rotator cuff

2010 - Platlet Rich Plasma treatment on rotator cuff tear

2010 - Bulging disc c6-c7, resolved with physical therapy 

2014 - L4-S1 bulging discs - Radiofrequency Ablation treatment on lumbar spine, Epidural Steroid Injections

2016 - Arthroscopic Rotator cuff tear surgery

2017 - Diagnosed with Sacroiliac Joint inflammation, Degenerative Disc Disease, Degenerative Joint Disease

2017 - Diagnosed with Essential Tremor

2017 - Neurologic second opinion from MDS fellow... Rules out Essential Tremor, now testing for Parkinson's

2017 - Datscan positive for PD, diagnosed with Dopamine Deficiency, possibly very early PD symptoms

2018 - Started on Azilect

6/2018 - Dx Parkinsons, Started on Rytary 36/145.

9/2018 Upped dosage of Rytary 48/195

View Datscan at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BBGh97ajaCiWiXDvWofFB8MiYAaiq-5m/view?usp=sharing

By Superdecooper © 2010

In the comfort of my dreams, I feel no pain.
No heartache. No hurt coursing through this unpredictable frame of mine.
I’m clear like a stream, questing for the blue ocean’s warmth
But Time, my subtle enemy, rushes me unwillingly towards the moment I awake.
I struggle to smother all the small prickles of fear that the coming transition will bring.

The warm comfort of my dreamscape fades.
I wake into a world of tattered thoughts, unkind nerve endings and the edge of memory.
Still, I hope it might be a good day.
Maybe no rain in the forecast, bringing chronic pain.
No mysterious body movements that spark instant regret.
I fill my lungs with the sweet life of morning and hope.

But then, like a death-row denizen, I exhale. 
Slowly I breathe out hate for the pinch of thorns shackling my release. 
Hot, dull, deep, unrelenting, and unforgiving pain greets me. 
In between each breath, I debate the sacrificial bargain awaiting my acceptance.
Do I swallow each small capsule at every appointed hour?
With just the right combination of rainbow tablets, I will be granted the power to bring this disaster under control.

I summon the strength of will to exchange my cool intellect for a dulled, foggy existence haunted by the grey specter of pain.
For just one more day, I agree to do less, think and be less.
In exchange, the thorns will be blunted just enough for me to remember.
When true night falls, I will dream again.