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  1. MDdoglover

    Diagnosed 6 months ago at the age of 52

    Dave - I’m not sure why I was so sad. I’m not like that everyday. I plan on staying as active as possible and continuing to work. Thank you for the encouragement.
  2. Hi everyone. Let me start off by saying I'm still in that scared to death mode with this being new. Nine months ago I mentioned to my primary care physician of how my hand would tremor when I would go to put my contacts in in the morning. The look on her face is something I will never forget. She gave me a referral to a movement specialist for Parkinson's. I didn't go. The symptom didn't go away. Then I noticed my handwriting getting smaller and messier. I renewed the referral and went - with my husband and mother in tow. I think I cried for half of the appointment. I felt like an idiot. After some finger tapping, toe tapping, circle drawing, etc. he told me my symptoms pointed to PD. I was sent for an MRI of my neck and brain. Both came back normal. I went back to him 3 months later with little, if any, change. I go back again in November. He told me PD is hard to diagnose and if I wanted a definite answer I could get a test done where they check my dopamine level. However, since I don't have a "resting tremor" he would not prescribe medication at this time. Do I have it done or no? Only my left side is affected at this time. Yesterday I had a meltdown, not my first, my second. Just an incredibly sad feeling, no crazy feelings, just feeling alone, lost and sad. Life moving in slow motion. Normal or no? I talk to my family but I feel like they don't know what to say. I have found comfort reading a lot of the comments. It helps to know other people are showing the same symptoms as me and how they deal with it. Bless us all. Staying positive.