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  1. Meriban

    Hand tremor when nervous, anyone else?

    When I am doing yoga, when I am working out, when I am getting changed to go somewhere, when I am meeting new people, whenever I experience the slightest bit of stress, My right hand goes nuts. I attempt to hide it...however it is clear to most, that something is weird with me.
  2. Meriban

    Boy am I new to this

    I guess I am still in the "oh hell no" stage. After reading so much about the disease, I got even more bummed. It is hard getting my head around the idea that, the pills just treat symptoms, not cure it. Is it wise to do clinical trials, especially ones were unproven medication can be so detrimental to health? I want to wrap all the info about the disease, what can I expect? Are there maladies I can expect at certain points? What condition I can expect my body to be in, in ten years? It seems so capricious, that there are no hard and fast rules. So, honestly...The only consistent answer seems to be...It is a degenerative neurological disease...Results vary.
  3. Meriban

    Boy am I new to this

    Symptoms started 2015 Officially diagnosed With Parkinson's disease Oct 10, 2017 56 Y.O. Male From Phoenix AZ Tremors on Right Side Very Active Life Style Mentor for Youth in Foster Homes as a Volunteer Ride Motorcycles Do Yoga and Meditate as well.
  4. Meriban

    Boy am I new to this

    Thanks for the responses, I appreciate the support. I called Power 4 Life in Tucson, and will go spend 3 days with them in December to learn the exercises. My Dr at Mayo is a Movement Specialist, and he was thrilled that I am persuing the exercise program. What do you all think about Ropinirol as opposed to other meds? i.e side effects? When I take the med and use CBD Oil, my tremor nearly disappears...Which thrills me. I ride motorcycles and often my hand/arm shakes like a leaf...So it is great to have a little relief from the tremors.
  5. Meriban

    Hand tremor when nervous, anyone else?

    It happens to me all the time, my right side as well. I was getting a shampoo at the stylist, and this lady came over and took my hand and said "it's alright, don't be nervous".
  6. Meriban

    Boy am I new to this

    56 year old male, in great physical shape, despite the tremor in my right hand....I just got done fighting cancer for the last 5 years...I got one year off of, no maladies, and then....Wham...last Tuesday...oh btw...you have parkinson's disease...the neurologist at Mayo did the DAT Scan, blood tests, neurological tests...the works, and he points to the area on the scans where the brain is diminished and said...that, right there is how we can tell it is Parkinson's . I asked him about toxins being the cause and he said that my blood test ruled that out...So, now what the heck do I do....Stay physically fit...maintain my vegetarian life style...seriously? At this point I am sick of challenges...I am on Ropinirole and I don't sleep well at all, I have a constant headache, I have no appetite, I feel lethargic and bummed. CBD Oil really helps...I don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, don't do any drugs, besides the Ropinirole...The funny thing was, the only advice I got from the Neurologist was take the 2 mils for two weeks and if it works well, we will leave the dosage there...If I need more, double the dose and we will leave it there...Then he said "see you in 4 months"...really....That's all you got...No workout program? dietary program, best practices, support? See you in 4 months indeed.