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    Insurance? I'm only 57.

    Hi Everyone, I am 57 and have not officially been diagnosed with pd. I saw my primary care doc two years ago because I was concerned about tremor in my right hand and the fact that my handwriting had changed dramatically! After further evaluation she referred me to neurologist who sent me for MRI to rule things out. Her evaluation of slowed movements in my right hand, arm swing difference and balance issues in addition to my handwriting and tremors led her to order a DATscan. I scheduled it and then missed it because of a cancelled airline flight I have not rescheduled it. My symptoms have progressed I think. When I look in the mirror I look different. My voice has changed. My neck aches like crazy. etc etc. I am insured through Kaiser in Colorado. We have a very high deductible plan and I would like to get better insurance during this open enrollment period. I would appreciate any input I can get! Id like to go to a center of excellence for a complete work up. My husband and I want to be able to live in Arizona for part of the year when we retire ( maybe sooner than I thought!) We have 16 year old triplets plus 2 older daughters and 4 grandkids. My life is exhausting but wonderful. I am praying that I can continue to live fiercely but am really scared about how this will go. Thanks in advance for the wisdom you all have. God Bless.