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  1. Dink

    Need help, Hate knowing its Parkinsons

    I would not start worrying your problems is Parkinson's until you are diagnosed. I agree with ellaangel2, try to see a Movement Disorder Specialist, they are trained to spot Parkinson's symptoms and request a DaTscan!! This will confirm if it is indeed Parkinson's or not. I'm newly diagnosed and just in the last couple of month after finding this site, I've learned so much from everyone here. I've sat and read blogs, new and old, just to learn. So if you do find out it's Parkinson's, come back and join us. I'm in the Houston area and we have a great Parkinson's Society so I'm sure Chicago, being a large city, does too. There is a lot of support out there. I did tell a family member but no one else until I had a confirmed diagnoses. But it's a personal choice. Some people might find comfort from friends and family while waiting to find out. I've not investigate any type of alternative or natural therapies. I have read some blogs on this site regarding some natural supplements that some have had success with. But again, wait to find out if it is PD and then discuss with your doctor. Try not to worry. Stress will only make symptoms of any kind worse. And get the DaTscan!
  2. Dink

    A little something to think about

    Thank you all for your inspiring words and advise from your experiences. I got my confirmed diagnoses a little over a month ago and at first I thought I'm too young at 54 for this, I was suppose to be healthy and able into my 80's like my parents. I've always been a very active person and totally "on top" of everything. I started noticing a difference about 2 years ago and have been struggling to keep up with everything the same I way I always have. I kept asking myself, why do I feel so old and sluggish and why can I not do what I use to? I was beating myself up. But now that I have my diagnoses, like many others have said, it's been a relief to have answers to the "why" and after reading everyone's encourage words, I actually realized it's all OK. I think the biggest thing for me, I've finally given myself permission to slow down a little and accept I might not be able to do everything I once did and by doing this my stress level has dropped tremendously! I've decided I'm not going to work all the extra long hours, I'm going to take all my vacation time and so what if the house isn't spotless. I truly feel like I'm a happier person. Thank you Parkinson's for giving me a reason to slow down and smell the roses (if only my sense of smell was better )
  3. I am 54 and diagnosed with PD about 2 month ago and was confirmed with a DaT Scan a month ago. My symptoms start about 2 years ago. I'm told by my neurologist (MDS) that my symptoms are mild and I'm in early stage. I have tremors on my left side hand, foot and leg (but they are not constant), some shuffling of my left foot when walking and some occasional tripping. I also have some concentration problems, word loss, have difficulty with multi tasking and decision making, but I have not experienced depression. I feel like my symptoms are annoying but nothing I cannot deal with at this point, since I've been dealing with them for 2 years. My doctor has recommended starting off with Rasagiline. I'm leaning towards waiting to start meds until my symptoms become more bothersome but would love to heard others opinion if it's better to start or wait? I understand studies have shown to slow progression temporarily but will eventually catch up. Start or wait??