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  1. My short story: I am a 34 year old female and recently, about 2 days ago, it hit me since last year I had been on a slow decline downward from Parkinsons disease. It was the beginning of last year I started walking strange, with physical therapy helping only temporary for a "back problem". My legs were stiff and the walking was slightly harder then. This year, the beginning of, I saw a foot doctor and a neurologist to find out that I don't have MS. I since saw a rheumatologist a month ago and she sent me back the neurologist, whom I'm seeing next week for "stiff" legs/feet. Now said, I must say I am disenchanted about my medical experiences. Right now, I have micrographia (small handwriting), hand tremors, stiff legs, shuffling feet, and muscle spasms in my lower arms. I am worried to death about my health. I am crying. I am nuts. I have no one near to me with Parkinsons. I am feeling alone. I have family, a mother, father in their 60s and a brother 2 years older. I'm a single woman in my 30s with no kids. My questions: Thus, how do I cope with these intense feelings? Is there Parkinsons support groups in the Chicago-land area? Where are they at? When do I tell my mother and father and brother I have Parkinsons? Should I hide the diagnosis? And, finally, what alternative therapies or at-home remedies have people tried for newly diagnosed Parkinsons disease? Did they work? Also, Is there anything I can do to feel better until my Neurologist hopefully prescribes me medicine that works for newly diagnosed people next week? Thank you for responding and listening. The undersigned, Lauren