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  1. If you know a middle school or high school teacher, please share this with them. In mid-January I will start my one month personal mission to Uganda to provide complementary and alternative health care for persons suffering with Parkinson’s disease. Five times a week I will publish a brief video on YouTube. It will show a wide variety of people, locations and medical conditions and how to provide treatment when patients have no way to purchase medication. I think the videos will provide material for a wide variety of discussions among students and teachers. Please go to my website for more information. www.pdchallenge-uganda.org.
  2. I bet 50% of PwPs (persons with Parkinson's) have been fed garbage as you have. I'm on a mission to 'drain the swamp' so to speak. Please listen to a few of my podcasts here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/upbeat_parkinsons_talk_radio
  3. When I posted the first Mindset list, it was the PD Mindset. The following is the mindset we must adopt in order for PD not to have its way with us. I welcome your comments. I will post almost daily with the positive message that we live with Parkinson’s, we don’t die of it. The Parkinson’s Mindset, Chris Hageseth MD (These messages need to be implanted into our deepest mind. It is our responsibility to practice them every day..) I have Parkinson’s disease. I’m glad it’s not ALS or Alzheimer’s. I choose to view it as a challenge, not a curse. I will seek out those people who are doing well with PD and learn from them. Neurologists see the people who are doing the worst with PD, so their opinions are jaded. I will take no medicine before its time. I will adopt every reasonable complementary and alternative medical approach first. I believe in neuroplasticity and will engage my body-mind to make it work for me. I will study and read . . . a lot. There is much to be learned about my Body-Mind. I reject the phrase, I can’t. I can, dammit, and I will. I have a mind. I can learn to meditate. Meditation is not a competitive sport. I will always stand erect. I refuse to let my head and shoulders slouch—ever.
  4. The Parkinson’s Mindset, Chris Hageseth MD (These messages have been implanted into our deepest mind. It is our responsibility to do something about them.) Oh My God . . . No! Not Parkinson’s. Please . . . Say it isn’t so. What’s going to become of me? I have known people who died from Parkinson’s. It was horrible. My neurologist says it is incurable, progressive, irreversible, hopeless, and downhill. The medicines help for a while—but only for a while. Most medicines have so many terrible side effects. I wish I didn’t have to take medicine. I constantly watch for the next Parkinson’s symptom to appear. I can’t exercise well enough. I’m just too tired. I can’t meditate. My mind never stops repeating my fears over and over. I’m embarrassed at how I appear to others. At times, I wish I could die not and get it over with.