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  1. Donna Marie

    US Patent on Cannabis

    My husband is using it with GREAT success. Huge pain relief, huge restless leg relief. Helps anxiety and it is the very best thing we have discovered.
  2. Donna Marie

    New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    Have you received a diagnosis yet?
  3. Donna Marie

    Parkinson's patient abusing opioids?

    My husband has found HUGE pain relief from Cannabis. He is having hip replacement today and over the last few months got off all pharmaceuticals thanks to medical cannabis. It helps muscle cramps, restless leg, pain, and anxiety. He is also eating better. He is 64 and was diagnosed with Young Onset 15 years ago.
  4. Donna Marie

    Need your opinion...on Retirement disability

    Just know that disability payments can be really, really hard to qualify for and then when you do qualify it can take a year or 2 before they actually start paying you.
  5. Donna Marie


    Wondering if a symptom of advanced Parkinson's is hypervigilance? My husband was previously a very, very laid back person, rolled with everything and now he seems to be terribly concerned about when the mail comes, if a light is on or off, --lots of little things, but it is starting to drive me crazy. He was diagnosed 14 years ago at age 49 and had DBS 7 years ago, but lately has started to deteriorate and cannot really go out much anymore. He will be having hip replacement in a couple of weeks and that has kept him down for the last few months. Is is not enough to do or do you think it is from the PD?
  6. Donna Marie

    Best way to lift someone off the floor when you are alone

    Genden69, my husband who has always been cautious and careful and had good judgement does the same thing. He does stupid things and gets us both into a jam. We talk about it and he apologizes and I turn around and he is doing something again. Exhausting.
  7. Donna Marie

    Best way to lift someone off the floor when you are alone

    Your city or county likely has Citizen's Assist which is no charge no matter how often you call and they simply lift the person back into chair or bed once they have fallen. It is part of your fire department. A lot of people don't know that this is a nationwide program.
  8. Donna Marie

    Just diagnosed at age 40

    We have found medical marijuana to be a godsend for pain. My husband takes Ethos Innovates Relief 250 (250mg CBD/5mgTHC). No you do NOT get stoned and you don't smoke it. He has had terrible pain since diagnosis and this is the only thing that allows him to function and be almost pain free most of the time. Promotes bone growth too.
  9. Donna Marie

    Just diagnosed at age 40

    My husband was diagnosed at age 49 over 14 years ago. At the time we had 2 friends who had been diagnosed for about 6 years. The best advice we got was 1-live now and do everything you want now, 2-it is not a death sentence, 3-you can be happy while having PD, 4-for most people it is very slow so plan and stay ahead of things. His first symptoms were unexplained rib pain, feeling overwhelmed and tired which was completely out of character, and frozen shoulder.