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  1. robert spencer

    Meds At Bedtime

    I don`t know if it`s just me or if this is common but taking Carbolevo ( generic sinonet ) at bedtime seems to give me vivid dreams. Anyone else?
  2. robert spencer

    Swedish Hospital

    Update: I recently stayed at Swedish Hospital in Seattle two days & received A+ care. If I need more I will return to them. I was diagnosed as having Lewy Body.
  3. robert spencer

    Swedish Hospital

    I`m freezing up more frequently and when walking my feet curl up painfully & go numb. They cant hold my weight. I think that the three appointments I have at SH Seattle will determine if I`m a DBS candidate. I was primarily interested in the staff & facilities there. Thanks. Bob
  4. robert spencer

    Swedish Hospital

    waruna I have been on carbidopa - levodopa five years.
  5. robert spencer

    Swedish Hospital

    Thank you Diane. Hope your friend is willing to share good news.
  6. robert spencer

    Swedish Hospital

    warnuna01 I have all the classic symptoms. You know them all I`m sure. No quality of life at this stage. Rapidly progressing .That includes lack of mental capabilities. Your reference considering Swedish Hosp, Denver is reassuring Thank you. Bob
  7. robert spencer

    Swedish Hospital

    Hello My name is Bob Ingman. I live on prince of Wales Island Ak. I have known that I have PD for about five years now. Usual symptoms & worsening. I learned about DBS here on this forum. Thought it might be good to look into. My health care provider has set me up for this at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. Do any of you have first hand with this facility. Any information or advise will be appreciated. TIA. Bob