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  1. Loving Parent

    Loving Parent

    I have researched a lot as well! I am making a visit to her in March and will spend time talking with her at that time. I have known for the past 2 years that she most likely had PD but when the diagnosis came in August the reality hit me SO hard. I have cried countless hours but I am also encouraged that there are things that can be done to stall the progression. I know she has many good years left and that helps tremendously. Kudos to your mom for researching and reading and addressing the topic being well informed. All the best to you and your sister and I thank you for your input!
  2. Loving Parent

    Loving Parent

    I appreciate your kind words. This has saddened me but I'll be ok! Some days I can't stop thinking about it. I work full time and have a full life and this has stopped me in my tracks. But it's about being a mother and loving my child. It's hard to watch someone you love struggle.. you want to take it from them. I most definitely will read about Joni E. Tada! Thank you!
  3. Loving Parent

    Loving Parent

    Truer words have never been spoken! Thank You!
  4. Loving Parent

    Loving Parent

    Lots here to take in! I don't live in the same state as my daughter. My son in law is most supportive in her situation.... as least as much as I can tell. The problem here is we never ever talk about the illness. Since the day she called me with the diagnosis the subject has come up once. At the present time she is doing well. We all spent the holiday together. As far as exercise for me - I never miss an opportunity to hit the gym after work. I appreciate your input. I have good days and sad days. Eventually, I am hoping to not let this bother me in the manner it has.
  5. Loving Parent

    Loving Parent

    I guess I should have stated that my daughter has no idea I am struggling this way. That is why I am feeling so alone. I have been positive and upbeat on the outside for her, but I have been very depressed on the inside. I thank you for your comments and appreciate the good suggestions. I am hoping in time I will become more accepting of this. Exercise is a huge part of her daily life so that is definitely something she will benefit from. Best to all!
  6. Loving Parent

    Loving Parent

    I am new to this site but really need some support. I have a 38 year old daughter who was diagnosed in August. She is married with two young children. I am having the hardest time accepting she is ill. Her father and I are divorced and I have slumped into a major depression. I feel so alone with this. I am always sad. Being in my 60s, I would be so much happier if it was me and not her having to deal with this illness. I am curious how other parents of young onset PD have handled this. What hurts me even more is that she is such a good woman and has worked so hard in her life to do everything right. It is so hard to experience something like this with our children no matter what age they are. I would appreciate any input. Thank you.