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    Rasagiline and other drugs

    I’m now 5 weeks in on Rasa and I also take cymbalta. Its helped mildly and I do sleep better. My exercise routine seems to help even more and I’ve started using energy drinks to ramp the workouts up, no side affects yet!
  2. BlueLion

    Throat advice?

    Anyone have any suggestions for throat tightness and swallowing issues? It comes and goes but when its going I cant seem to tame it.
  3. Soooo. I'm on the PD team at 43 with a wife and two little ones 7,9. My Anger is almost explosive. I am so sad for my little ones that I am at a complete loss. The Dr said I should take Cymbalta and I am lined up for so many more tests, with a full time job and the little ones I feel like my stress level is in the RED! Im ussually a very upbeat person and the life of the party but now I'm just mad/sad. Since I am preaching to the choir, I am sorry but only my wife knows and I had to vent somehow.
  4. BlueLion

    Just got the news 😕

    Thank you all for your views. Today I went for the second opinion. Different Dr. Same Dx. I knew it would be. But I went anyway. I dont think that makes me foolish. Just hopeful I think.
  5. BlueLion

    Just got the news 😕

    The first two friends I reached out to reacted terribly to my news. I found myself consoling them. Is this normal?
  6. BlueLion

    Just got the news 😕

    Thank you for the advice. LAD and otolorin, I am a former professional athlete and I exercise religiously. I will not stop/nor give up. Have any of you taken Cymbalta? Does it help?