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  1. My doctor says I’m on the Parkinsonism spectrum. The shaking in my hands started about a year or two ago (sometimes my who left side)- especially with stress. I drag my left foot too. I also have been experiencing a stiff neck, regidness, my expression gets stuck at times (staring a little too long), occasionally lose control of something in my hands and have some sleep disruptions too. I feel physically weak at times and struggle when exercising but I’m pushing myself. do folks have any tips to try to keep it from getting worse, naturally is preferable over meds. I also have an enlarged liver and colon ulcers I’m healing from plus an inflamed sinus but my mri thankfully showed no tumors or strokes. I’m a little scared reading where the disease can go but I read a few stories of recovery using natural methods and acupuncture. these forums look great!