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  1. How you doing with the injections? 

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    2. Maverick


      Too early to tell for restore gold first month 

    3. DestinyS


      Interesting. I heard about Restore Gold. How is the progress with that? I find exercise helps me too. Im using the medical marijuana in the evenings. Most beneficial is being around friends who are supportive of my Parkinson’s when I’m having my low moments. You would think being a nurse that I would be able to cope with all this a little bit better. Being single at 45 does not make it any easier. I find people have a tendency to brush me off when they see physical characteristics or when I slur my speech. Dating and meeting new people is a nightmare for me. 

    4. DestinyS


      Hello Firemn99111. I don’t have a Kik account. Are there any other sites that target YOPD and dating? I’m interested in learning more about dating strategies and how to bring up the topic. Do you tell your dates right away or wait until you get to know them better? What about in the morning hours? Off topic slightly lol but I’m eager to chat with others in the same boat. You can send me a personal message on this site :)

  2. DestinyS

    what do you do for fatigue

    Where can I find information on this topic?
  3. DestinyS

    what do you do for fatigue

    Are the injections helping?
  4. The last few years have been difficult maintaining relationships with the opposite sex. I get depressed and angry towards people that care about me and they walk away. Counseling has not helped
  5. DestinyS

    speech therapy

    I read many of the recent threads and posts on this forum. Are swallowing and stuttering problems an issue at this stage?
  6. DestinyS

    Sexual dysfunction

    thank you, good to know
  7. DestinyS

    Sexual dysfunction

    Has anyone, male or female, experienced sexual dysfunction? I could not find any information on this topic