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  1. Beachgirl

    maybe PD?

    So I took the med at night- strangely my body chills ceased. Next morning I got up at was able to walk NORMALLY- felt much better. Wasn’t slow like a 80 yr old. Also could walk up n down stairs no problem! I’m not continuing this med as it seems to end up worse when you plateau eventually. Looking into alternative resources. Still hoping it’s not PD. Seeing neurologist on Monday to ask for referral to movement specialist 😑
  2. Beachgirl

    maybe PD?

    Thanks Adam, I’m hoping it’s not PD. I am going to try the meds and see if it helps but I’m afraid of getting nauseous or headaches- I have a 15 yr old daughter I have to care for. She has special needs and needs a lot of care. So I really need to be on top of things at home as I am a single mom too. Getting old sucks 🙄 I am my child’s only caregiver- 😑
  3. Beachgirl

    maybe PD?

    Thanks I will check it out !
  4. Beachgirl

    Dropping Things

    I have been dropping A LOT- mainly dishes, plates glasses, found out it is from carpal tunnel so I have surgery sched in a few weeks. good luck
  5. Beachgirl

    maybe PD?

    Hi, Need any advice on symptoms- Have been having trouble with bending down- at times unable to get up to a stand a year ago. I have trouble walking up and down stairs. I am extremely slow when walking and I am only 56. Saw neurologist who said take parkinson meds and if it helps you most likely have it. Only had one time hand tremor. Did not take the meds as I was sure I don't have it but now I am rethinking it. I went to drs to see why my entire legs were hurting so much, that has gotten better but sometimes when I over do they ache all over. I did have one occasion last year when I tried to step down from step stool and i froze for a min or two. I am hoping dr is off on this. I did have MRI which showed lesion in globus pallidus( area which affects movement). I have been having alot of weakness in legs on and off for about 3 years. ??? thoughts? thinking of going back to neurologist to see if I can get a referral to movement specialist.