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  1. NickP1225

    Dad newly diagnosed

    Thank you both for your comments! I really appreciate them. Miracleseeker-how long has your mom had PD and what is her age now?
  2. Hello everyone, I'd like to ask that anyone diagnosed over the age of 60 share their story below. My dad, 64, was diagnosed a year ago this February, and his tremor has progressed to be quite constant in his left hand. At times it can extend down to his left leg. He currently chooses to take no medications. He lives alone, my parents are divorced, about an hour away from me in an apartment with stairs. If possible, if anyone who has had PD for several years, above the age of 60, and lives alone could share their experience, I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. NickP1225

    Dad newly diagnosed

    Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate it.
  4. NickP1225

    Dad newly diagnosed

    Hi miracleseeker, Thank you for sharing! How did you know that she was not independent any longer? What did you do?
  5. NickP1225

    Dad newly diagnosed

    Thank you all for your thoughts and comments! My dad sees an MDS in Boston so I know his care is in good hands. I was wondering if what he experienced was freezing, but I can't be sure and he says no. I will keep working on him regarding medicine and exercise. The doctor said he could either take the medicine or not, it was entirely up to him. They offered him mirapex which when they went over the compulsive behavior side effects my dad declined. At his last visit they mentioned sinemet, but my dad decided to wait on meds. Does anyone have any stories to share that have been diagnosed over age 60 and have had the disease for several years? My dad lives alone, an hour away from me, so I worry about him even though he is very independent at this point.
  6. NickP1225

    Dad newly diagnosed

    Hello everyone! Happy New Year! My dad, 64, was diagnosed with PD a year ago this February. I have to be honest, after reading some of the posts in other Parksinson FB groups, I'm scared to death. I'm hoping that some of you can share your own personal PD experiences by commenting below. My dad's primary symptom, thus far, is a significant tremor in his left hand which sometimes extends down his left leg. My parents are divorced and my dad lives in an apartment (with a lot of stairs) all alone. He also lives an hour away from me. As you can imagine, this whole scenario is very nerve wracking for me. He currently does not take Parkinson medication as he says he does not feel he needs it yet. He has joined a support group, completed a PD exercise program, but now has not been doing his exercises due to a bone fracture he has in his foot. If anyone has any thoughts, comments, stories to share, etc., I would greatly appreciate it. I'm worried that his condition could decline rapidly and I don't know what I would do. My reason for this worry is from what I've read in other groups. Also, speaking of my dad's foot fracture, he said he was in the mall Christmas shopping and "couldn't raise his foot because of the bone fracture pain which caused him to hit his foot again into a clothes display". I questioned this because it didn't sound right to me. Maybe it could be just because of the bone fracture, but does this sound more like PD? He denies that it is. Thanks for your help!