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    Bipolar and parkinsons

    Hi my name is Tom and I’m a 38 year old musician and writer diagnosed last year with Parkinsons. I also have bipolar disorder. I have found the whole experience devastating, (I know it is for everyone but both strands of my career depend on manual dexterity) though I have found it has given me insight that I didn’t previously have. That’s a positive but it seems at the moment like a brutal trade-off! Due to the stress of the illness, and and an unbelievably frustrating time navigating doctors/specialists/bureaucracy (I’m in UK, and seem to have fallen into a gap between psychiatry and neurology) I have been experiencing extreme anxiety which I’m sure is affecting my symptoms and I have been feeling instinctively this is a lack of regulation in my mood caused by the Pd rather than caused by anything external (apart from feelings about the PD, which are obviously in the mix). I’ve suffered depression/highs in the past but never felt this level of stress or detachment- which those around me would describe as out of character. What I’m hoping is that somebody could share with me that they have had similar feelings, (not necessarily bipolar) but some kind of equilibrium came back or was found. I’m open-eyed as to the possibilities but could I please ask that you only share with me if you have a positive experience. Thank you in advance for any feedback. Tom