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  1. PD_guy_MN

    PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    Maybe you are already aware of several articles titled 'Sex, Intimacy, and PD' or 'Intimacy and PD'. There is a lecture with a similar title. They assign centuries old concepts the name Outercourse, which is for couples not able to engage in Intercourse. Maybe your wife will take back the less than thoughtful things she said.
  2. PD_guy_MN

    PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    I like with your first sentence. But what I neglected to mention is that our relationship resembles that of two roommates. She does not hug, kiss, or display affection towards me and I'm reluctant to do so towards her. Intimacy is non-existent and started that way right after the brain tumor operation. She has since asked that I sleep in another room because I snore, and I believe her. She has never left her bedroom to 'visit' me. I'm sure if I paid her a 'visit' she would ask "Are you lost?". Who knows, maybe a hug and I love you might start us off in the right direction. I should try to force a smile from my stone face too. It's always the small gestures that get the best results. PD_guy_MN
  3. PD_guy_MN

    PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    Bear with me while I tell you my story. My intent is not to seek pity but to gather a ideas to hopefully bring me a positive resolution. Years ago, I due to an enlarged prostate, I began to experience the wrath of ED and threw in the towel regarding sex with my wife. A few years later I was diagnosed with rather large meningioma brain tumor. It was 10cm wide and roughly the size of a fist. I wreaked havoc upon my family until I got an MRI of my skull. Bills were not getting paid. Tax returns weren't filed. I was out in left field without a glove. The tumor was removed during 12 hour operation. I went thru PT, OT, and speech therapies. I thought I came thru it pretty well. Other people thought the same. I worked a few temporary jobs over the next two years as an electrical engineer before I was diagnosed with PD. I started the daily regimen of Sinemet and Mirapex. The next few years went well and I continued to work 6 months past my retirement age of 66. My wife is 62 and I am 67. During this time period I paid a visit to a urologist who supplied me with samples of Cialis. I mentioned to my wife that a had samples of some ED pills. To my surprise I got little to no response from her. Later I found out that she is taking an antidepressant which may suppress your sex drive. I mentioned this to her and she quite literally blew up. "Why is it always me? It's not that I don't want to have sex. I just don't want to have sex with you. I'm disappointed with the results of your neurosurgery." I think it is her belief that I have cognitive defects. She only gave one example: "You ask questions which require only one word to answer. You have also aged significantly over the last few years." I'm loosing my hair, I have droopy eyelids and a stone face from Parkinson's. I was very upset for a couple days. I'm past that point now and have climbed down off the ledge. My wife and I meet with the neurologist this week and I thought about asking for a referral, for just me, to someone who deals with married couple issues. I've got thirty years invested in this woman and would be happy to rack up many more if she just wouldn't look at me as a mentally challenged leper. Is this a lost cause?