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  1. Bobbie_

    Lymes Disease Mimics PD Symptoms

    Linda and Drummergirl, Geez I'm so sorry for all you both are going through. How do you know which symptoms are from PD and which are from Lyme? Linda, is your lyme symptom the same as any of Drummergirl's? Having the right meds is the key. Thank you for sharing your story and sense of humor. i've been diagnosed late last yr with early PD. My taught has been battling late term LD for years. As she realized, that was the case after many yrs of misdiagnosis. I'm just digging to see if there is any correlation.
  2. Bobbie_

    Lymes Disease Mimics PD Symptoms

    The power of God's love helps me through my suffering. His loving light shines into my heart replacing the darkness in my soul with grace and beauty. Did you ever have the lymes test? Will you let me know which lymes specialist doctor you find? Which Pd meds are you taking? Thank you.
  3. Bobbie_

    Lymes Disease Mimics PD Symptoms

    Linda, Thank you for the lab and organization leeds. Good advice I will follow up with. Are your Lyme related conditions clearly different from PD?
  4. Bobbie_

    Lymes Disease Mimics PD Symptoms

    Stump Well I was fishing for an answer. Have you noticed any improvement switching to Rytary? My main complaints are poor handwriting, typing, dexterity, stiffness in left side fingers and toes, some gate issue. The meds below haven't improved these symptoms. The shakiness comes and goes. Sometimes I think it's from the meds. Mds. Azilect 1mg 1X a day Mirapex .375 mg 1 X a day Not consistent : Coenzyme Q10 100 mg 1X a day
  5. Has anyone experienced anything like this? While researching on-line about Lymes disease for my daughter, I read that lymes disease symptoms can be mistaken for PD. Apparently LD can affect dopamine in the brain. I'm wondering if there is a key here that needs to be turned. I've been diagnosed with PD. Medication that I'm taking now hasn't stopped all symptoms.
  6. Bobbie_

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    Good morning J. Thank you for answering my message. Your letters have been very helpful. Note: I've changed my picture and shorten my name from BobbieH to Bobbie_ . I've been on Azilect 1mg alone for almost 3 months. Still have poor handwriting, the hand shakiness, weakness, and sometimes awkward gate and balance. Exercise helps. I'm working on adding Mirapex. Acupuncture (from head down to the toes) has very much helped calm down things. I always feel better afterwards. I try to go once a week. My question is, if Mirapex was your chief symptom fighter, why did you need to take the others (Levodopa, Amantadine)? Also, what is your daily dose of CoQ10? thank you
  7. Bobbie_

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    Thank you, thank you.
  8. Bobbie_

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    Hi Super! I'm giving "Az" more time. Problem is I have to find a less expensive pharmacist. My insurance increased it to 275. per month this year. Has anyone used NW Pharmacy out of Canada? It is about 100.+ less and not restricted to just 30 tablets at a time.
  9. Bobbie_

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    Dan thank you for replying. Your physical activities are encouraging to me. How's your handwriting? For me this is the most bothersome symptom. I hope that one med (Azilect) will do the trick.
  10. Bobbie_

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    Hello Dan – After four months on just rasagiline, how are you doing now? Is this the brand version?
  11. Bobbie_

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    Hello J – I'm new to PD and am on the first 30 day treatment with Azilect. So far the symptoms are not worse. I feel the worse symptom is my struggling to write and hope for the moment when I can again. Are you still taking the list of meds on your profile; Mirapex, Azilect, Carbidopa/Levodopa, Amantadine, Ubiquinol (CoQ10)? And are you taking Pramipexole?