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  1. Dr, Can DRD present the same symptoms as PD such as acting out dreams?
  2. JP509

    Early Symptoms

    That does help. I was kind of hoping that the stiffness and slowness was linear all the time in PD. This means to some degree the DRD and PD can act the same in the early stages. I Guess I wait and deal with the symptoms and impacts a bit longer till I hopefully get a diagnosis. Makes sense that at night dopamine levels elevate a little while sleeping so both would benefit.
  3. JP509

    Early Symptoms

    I have been visiting a small Army of Doctors over the last year and that due in part to lags between referrals etc. I go to visit a fourth Neurologist in June who specializes in PD, at Duke University which where the last neurologist thinks the problem lies. I have not had typical symptoms in part because I was B12 deficient which caused it's own set of issues and tremors. Anyway post B12 supplement, I am left with the rare tremor but I still have a right side that is slow and stiff, right arms does not swing and my right foot turns out to the right . I get spasms etc but my question is in the earliest of your symptoms did you notice when you wake up in the early morning like 4:20 am the hand may move almost normal but then quickly begins slowing down? I realized this recently when I woke and could not go back to sleep. I found a similar disease called Dopamine Responsive Dystonia that based on my research act similar to what I have experienced. Since I have to wait till June to get any further, I start doing some experiments to ensure I provide the Dr. with a full picture of my daily experience with these symptoms. Just curious if folks with PD would experience a similar improvement after sleeping, of course this is pre-medications for PD.