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  1. http://www.epda.eu.com/living-well/getting-the-most-out-of-your-healthcare/keeping-a-parkinsons-diary/ Hey this might be useful in terms of what and when to record George NW
  2. Silversurfer

    Freezing when using computer mouse.

    Thanks again LAD sensational work! Some interesting food for thought.It seems like this is a bit of an issue for a few people. I will definately look into it kindest regards silversurfer
  3. Silversurfer

    Freezing when using computer mouse.

    Thanks LAD I like the way you think!
  4. Silversurfer

    Swallowing trainer- EMST

    It improves swallowing by increasing the muscle strength of some of the swallow muscles and also helps strengthen the cough. It may also help with improving strength of voice. There are many scientific studies that have been done around this for PD and other medical conditions but look into it for yourself just putting it out there as it is non invasive relatively cheap and easy to do
  5. Silversurfer

    Swallowing trainer- EMST

    Hi wife is a speechy and got me onto this device because of my swallow. I live in Oz but got it delivered from the states This little gadget costs about $50 and is designed to help you maintain swallow through exercise.EMST150 is a calibrated expiratory muscle strength trainer designed specifically for individuals who want to enhance their breathing and swallow function. https://emst150.com/product/emst150/ Anyhow just some info read the research studies thanks silversurfer
  6. Silversurfer

    Freezing when using computer mouse.

    Wow thanks to all for responding it does make me feel better that others have these problems too. The advice for using music is great as I had not heard of that. Thanks again silversurfer
  7. I am diagnosed about 1 year but I have had symptoms for longer Does anyone else get freezing whilst using the computer mouse? I have had it a number of times mostly using the mouse and doing a lot of micro movements. All of a sudden I cannot move or push the mouse at all.