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    Thanks. In general, when does the insomnia start? Not sure if it is the Rytary or what. This week, I've been waking up about ever 1-1.5hrs. Not good when i commute What is the difference between sinemet cr and rytary? Tracey
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    Newly diagnosed and have been taking the low strength of Rytary 3x a day. I also have been diagnosed with hypothyroid. Is it ok to take the first dose of rytary and synthroid together? since they both should be on an empty stomach Azilect question-- how much of a reaction is it if you take a decongestant? i also read there were food interactions I was basically diagnosed in 6 days with my new neurologist.. it took a few months before it sunk in. I assume that i'm in early stages..? the side effects of the meds in my opinion are worse thatn the symptoms i'm experiencing (stiffness in gait, some balance issues-but haven't fallen) thanks Tracey