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    Hi all. Couple weeks ago I felt a tremendous pain in my right hand, that I chalked up to working a register, texting, etc..maybe carpal tunnel. Next day the pain shifted to the other hand and my fingers began to twitch. Me being the idiot I am googled these symptoms and came up with Parkinsons. It's really not so much my hands that bother me. The pain and twitching comes and goes with use so that doesn't worry me. It's the nonmotor signs, particularly sleeping. I've always been an anxious guy, but these hypnic jerks I've been having are ruining my life. I've tried OTC sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, nothing is helping. Then when I do finally fight myself to sleep it's for maybe 2 hours and then I have some vivid dream and wake up. Rinse, repeat. Also recently I've been acting out dreams, like the other day I was having a dream where I was writing and I woke up to my hand crumpled up like it was holding a pencil. I've also been dealing with major constipation, which has now turned to extreme diahreea..but i don't see that as a PD symptom, only constipation. My sense of smell and taste are fine. All this gave me a panic attack and I just had to get out of the house and go to the ER to talk to a doctor. When I told him my fears he gave me a quick physical Neuro exam.. (checking for rigidness, gait, tremor, etc) said I was fine and then wanted to refer me to a shrink. I expected all this mind you, but I really needed to get out of that house. The lack of sleep has led to huge depression on my part, I find it hard to laugh at stuff I used to find funny, sometimes I force a smile just to know that I can. I don't have the money or insurance to go to specialists who I know are just going to tell me.." you're 27 with no physical symptoms, it's stress, go home." So is this all in my head? How do I go about a solution from here? This lack of sleep is just crippling me. Thanks for any help. I've been reading a lot of these posts as a guest and you guys seem like a really nice community.