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  1. NCFred

    Morning weakness

    Recently diagnosed as of Oct 2017. Been having severe weakness in the morning, often up to noon before I get enough energy to do any work. Is anyone else having this problem? If so what can be done about it? Thanks for your feedback, Fred Had second visit with new PD doctor, very impressive, changed meds to 25/100 instant release carb/levo at 7 am 11 am and 4 PM and 50/200 carb/levo at night. the change gave me a lot more energy. I have never had tremors. only physical and mental sluggishness when drug wears off.
  2. NCFred

    prescribed pramipexole

    Thanks for the feedback. Do you think this drug is helped you? Was it worth taking the risk?
  3. NCFred

    prescribed pramipexole

    What side effects have you heard of?
  4. NCFred

    prescribed pramipexole

    Had second visit with new PD doctor, very impressive, changed meds to 25/100 instant release carb/levo at 7 am 11 am and 4 PM and 50/200 carb/levo at night. the change gave me a lot more energy. I have never had tremors. only physical and mental sluggishness when drug wears off. Doc wants to add pramipexole to my medications. Has anyone had experience with it? it is an agonist, which tries to trick the brain into thinking it has enough dopamine. I tried rompinerol, an agonist once before, but it gave me bad dreams and did not improve my condition at all.. I have heard of other side effects that are undesirable. Advice is welcome. thanks Fred.
  5. NCFred

    Share Your Story with NPF

    Hi all, Thanks for letting me post my story. Starting in early 2016 or late 2015 I noticed a loss of energy and sluggishness in speech and movement. I thought the condition was thyroid related because my senthroid had been reduced from 175 mg to 125 .I also thought I may have had a mini stroke but no other stroke symptoms. I had numerous doctors visits and blood test to no avail.A sister in law, whose father was a surgeon, told my wife she thought I might have Parkinsons disease. i shrugged off the idea since I have never had tremors. Internist and psychiatrist recommended I go on prozac, which did nothing for my energy levels. Went to a Neuro in Oct 2017 and he prescribed c/l immediately which helped a lot and later switched to c/l extended release. After many discussions with my pharmacist. Switching to a MDS this march 26 2018 because my current neuro is not a MDS. Tried requip as a supplement to c/l but it gave me bad dreams. Looking forward to new neuro and hope for better treatment. Went to first cycling class at the YMCA last wednesday due to tip form a fellow forum member which was helpful. Fred
  6. NCFred

    crossfit for daily exercise?

    Jul, Thanks for the YMCA idea. I contacted them last week. They have a cycling program mon. wed. and Fri. at 9 AM. I tried it last wednesday. It wore me out for 2 days but I'll get used to it. Thanks again, Fred
  7. NCFred

    Bible Verses....

    Linda, Thanks for asking how we came to know Christ. My first exposure to the gospel message was at age 7 from an invitation to a revival at a neighbor's church. It wasn't until age 20, a sophmore in college that I made the commitment. The Bible gave structure to my life because it made so much sense. I spent a lot of time memorizing scriptures in the NT and the wisdom literature, Proverbs Ecclesiastes etc. Everyday I continue to learn something new. Fred
  8. NCFred

    crossfit for daily exercise?

    Jul Thanks for your reply. Great ideas. How often do you go? What times? Thanks Fred
  9. Hi, I'm recently diagnosed with PD as of October 2017. I have been having occasional pain in my right leg on the back of the knee radiating down my leg. Occasionaly I have pains in the top of my knee, and muscles below. Does anyone else have problems like this? Does this have anything to do with PD? Fred. symptoms in 2016, diagnosed Oct, 2017 with PD, no tremors, was sluggish mentally and physically, respond to C/L, currently 1.5 pills c/l 25/100 3 x daily, tried requip, gave my bad dreams, looking for an MDS
  10. NCFred

    new to sinemet

    Chuck, Hope the new medical advice works for you. I have had lots of success talking to the pharmacist about alternative drugs,for the same condition treated. Neurologist prescribed requip but it gave me bad dreams and kept me awake at night. It was my pharmicist's idea to try extended release c/l, which many PWP take. Neurologist finally prescribed it and had a great effect, and no side effects. Hope this is helpful for you. Fred symptoms in 2016, diagnosed with mild PD Oct. 20, 2017. No tremors, slight speech sluggishness and physical sluggishness. currently on 1.5 pills 3 times daily 25/100 C/L. bad dreams from requip.
  11. NCFred

    crossfit for daily exercise?

    Super, Thanks for your reply. Fred
  12. NCFred

    crossfit for daily exercise?

    Lad, Thanks for your reply. what is PWP and PWRMOVES? NCFred
  13. NCFred

    crossfit for daily exercise?

    Been going to YMCA on Saturday mornings for years. I am recently diagnosed with PD and trying to establish a daily exercise regimen. Anyone every tried crossfit for daily exercise motivation? What do you do to stay motivated? Thanks, Fred Diagnosed Oct 20 2017. currently on 1.5 tablets 25/100 CL 3 times a day. Stopped taking requip, it gave me weird dreams. Considering rasagilene, generic for azilect? No tremors, slight lean backward on left side.
  14. NCFred

    Recently diagnosed with PD advice welcome

    Golden, thanks for the feedback. Yesterday, changed to carbo/levedopa ER from regular carbo/levedopa, much better.