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  1. Christian V

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    Thanks for all the replies. I’m no longer on the antipsychotics and I definetly feel better, but symptoms persist. They’re back to pre-seroquel levels. My psych doc is lowering the lithium too, but the symptoms that scare me the most are minimal sense of smell that used to be pretty good and arm swing. I’m in a better place now for sure though waiting for the MDS. thanks again for your support
  2. Christian V

    Early Onset Symptom Questions

    My name is Christian, and I'm a 29-year-old male and I suspect I have Parkinson's. The symptom that let me do Parkinson's is a reduced arm swing in the right arm. Before that, it was thought that I may have MS. I have a tremor on both sides, but it seems to be stronger on the left and it is primarily at rest. Non-neuro doctors that have checked don't think it's Parkinsons because there is no rigidity when they move my arm, but my understanding is you only need two out of the following three: tremor, bradykinesia, rigidity. My sense of smell is weak from what I can tell and my right side arm/leg doesn't move along with the other side. I'm diagnosed with bipolar disorder, prescribed lithium and recently Seroquel for a depressive episode. After starting the Seroquel, my symptoms increased substantially so I'll be starting lamotrigine instead. I'm on a waiting list to see a movement disorder specialist, but I want to know if it is sane for me to think that I may have Parkinson's or MS or something else. I've been treated for Essential Tremor, but to no avail. Is it critical to get on medication for Parkinsons as soon as possible?
  3. Christian V

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    I haven't posted over there yet, but I'll definitely do so. The more answers I can get the better! Thanks for the advice.
  4. Christian V

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    Yes, my appointment is at the University of Utah, so it's a good clinic. They're just booked out so far that I'd like to maybe get into a General Neuro so i can get there opinion and maybe rule out other conditions like MS or something else. I can't imagine living this way much longer, it's just not a good quality of life. Even though I don't have a certain diagnosis, emotionally it's like I've already been diagnosed.
  5. Christian V

    Lost waiting for a diagnosis

    My name is Christian an I'm new to posting on the forums, but have been reading for a while now. I'm 29 years old and have been displaying some neurological symptoms for about two years. I'm losing my mind not knowing for certain what is going on. The symptom that pointed me to Parkinsons was reduced arm swing in the right arm and now my right foot scuffs the floor. I move slower than i used to (i used to dance) and i just have fatigue all the time. I've been treated for essential tremor, but it is not an action tremor, it will mostly only move when my hand is sitting there. It does make it hard to text and type. I have bipolar disorder as well, and starting me on antipsychotics greatly amplified the slowness and feeling of apathy. Over the past two years I've become a recluse, haven't had much of a social life and haven't been able to study like i used to. The non-neuro doctors I've spoken with tell me it isn't Parkinsons because i don't have rigidity and the tremor isn't a full pill-rolling tremor. I've got a scheduled appointment with an MDS, but it is 4 months away. It's killing me feeling my body and mind change and not have any answers.