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  1. PixelPaul

    Foot cramps

    I'm having PD related issues with foot cramps an muscle tension. On my affected side, my right hamstring is always in a contracted state, and I get periodic toe cramping and curling throughout the day. When I try to exercise, within 10 minutes my foot cramps and spasms are so severe that I have to stop. Levodopa helps with my other symptoms, but seems to have no effect with the dystonia. I've learned about some available options with Botox and prescription medications, but also read that other things might be beneficial like Magnesium. Your thoughts?
  2. PixelPaul

    I think I have parkinsons

    While it's true that many who have Parkinson's have lost their sense of smell, it is not a reliable indicator for the presence of the disease. You can have Parkinson's and still have your sense of smell. I do.
  3. PixelPaul

    Anyone else experience this?

    I had a surprising discovery this morning after waking. While laying in bed, for whatever reason I decided to try the finger tapping test. The one where you tap your index finger to your thumb as quickly as possible. This was one of the tests the doctor used in diagnosing me with PD. I was surprised to find that my right side which is normally affected with slowness was the same as my non-affected side. Usually it is about 75% slower. Has anyone else experienced something similar? I guessing that I have an 'extra' dopamine stored up after sleeping all night. Not a big deal, it just kinda caught me by surprise.
  4. PixelPaul


    I came across some interesting info on another site about something called 'Taurine'. I'm new to PD, wondering if anyone else has ever heard anything about this or even tried Taurine supplements. It seems like it's readily available. Blog Post Research Paper
  5. PixelPaul

    Feeling worse with Rasageline

    I was diagnosed with PD about a month ago and my doc started me on Rasageline (Alizect), .5mg a day for two weeks and then 1mg thereafter. It is my understanding that this drug will provide symptom relief in only some individuals, but it is also believed by some to also provide a "protective" effect of some kind. About a month of taking this, I'm not noticing any reduction in symptoms (which were rather mild to begin with), but in fact I feel worse since I started taking it. I'm experiencing some neck and back stiffness and soreness of which I had none before. Also my foot and toe cramping, which was present prior to taking the Rasageline have worsened and become more severe. It's not unbearable, but my biggest concern is that it's effecting my ability to exercise on the bike. After about 10 minutes of riding my foot and toes cramp and spasm to the point where it becomes a struggle to get in 30 minutes. And I'd really like to ride for 45 - 60 minutes. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced similar, where the Rasageline didn't just not help, but actually made their symptoms worse. I don't know if this is possible, or just maybe a coincidence of my PD symptoms progressing at the same time I started the Rasageline?
  6. It looks like on March 1, 2018 that I joined the club none of us ever wanted to be a part of. Upon examination my neurologist said my symptoms were "consistent with" Parkinson's Disease. The hours and days that followed have been a mixture of just about every emotion imaginable. My journey towards this diagnosis began in May 2015, when after returning from a long bike ride I had numbness and tingling in my right hand .When it didn't go away, I saw a doctor and after several tests it is was diagnosed as an ulnar nerve compression. I opted for physical therapy instead of surgery, and by late 2015 my right hand was back to about 95% normal functionality. I was pleased and I felt fine for about a year. Then in late 2016 I started to notice a decline in fine-motor skills in my right hand. My handwriting was declining. In addition I started to have constant tension in my right hamstring and foot. The leg never felt like it was in a rested state. Then I noticed my right arm didn't swing freely like the left arm. In early 2017 I returned to the doctors, and over the next 15 months saw numerous specialists, and had countless tests: x-rays, MRI's, CT scans, nerve conduction tests, EMG's, etc. It wasn't until last week that it now appears to have been correctly diagnosed. Now that I look back on it, I am somewhat surprised that it took so long as it seems some of my symptoms seem like "classic" PD. My current symptoms are limited to the right side of my body and include: constant tension in right hamstring and foot loss of fine motor skills in right hand, my handwriting has become almost illegible some rigidity in right arm, arm does not swing 'naturally' I haven't yet experienced any tremors. I'm sure I've had noticeable symptoms for at least 15 months, but almost certainly longer. My doctor has suggested I start in right away with Azilect (rasagiline), .5mg 1x a day for two weeks then 1mg after that. I guess this is more of a preventative medication used to delay the progression of the disease? Other than this, I am trying to be like a sponge and learn as much about the disease and treatment options as fast as I can. I'm surprised to learn that I'm a bit young by PD standards. It's been a while since I would consider myself young. It seems like exercise is very important, which is good for me as I enjoy being active as much as I can. Now it looks like I can be a bit more selfish with my time and exercise even more! I spent quite a bit of time this weekend reading through many posts on this forum, and I came to appreciate the supportful and positive comments. I look forward to becoming an active member in the future.