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  1. I am 9 months on and still undiagnosed. Neuros have considered and ruled out Coxsackie, MS, Guillain-Barre-barre, ankylosing (positive gene). No one has suggested PD and I haven’t even considered it till now because I presented with pain first -shoulder, neck, feet, leg and arm. On and off cramping of feet and calf. A lot of it has been written off as just wear and tear from my triplet pregnancy in 2012. Tremors started about 9 months ago. Very slight and not constant. Mostly when muscles were exhausted. I think they are postural not resting and also when bearing weight -like getting up from a couch or walking down stairs. Unsteady gait. My left side is definitely weaker -leg and arm and starts to tremble whenever I exert myself. Also the left hand has tendency lately to curl into a fist and I feel like I’m using all my willpower but can not open my fist unless I use my other hand to do it. Does this sound anything like PD or can I rule it out?
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    Questions for next Neuro visit

    Thanks all. I’ll definitely do that
  3. Maybe someone has a helpful suggestion of things to look out for or questions to next ask my neurologist?? I’m a 38 year old mom who has been completely healthy my whole life. With the birth of my triplets 5 years ago I started to struggle with shoulder pain and limited movement in my left arm. My Physio wrote it off to the fact I was juggling 3 infants constantly and whenever he worked on me -it improved. Fast forward 5 years. I’ve struggled with back pain. Lower and upper. And again just written it off to damage from my unusual pregnancy. About 9 months ago I started with body aches. Deep aches that felt like it was in my bones. Not constant. But on and off. Cramps in my foot. And general unsteadiness. I’ve had what seems like every blood test under the sun. And nothing is abnormal. The tremors started about 3 or 4 weeks after the pain but because I was on a variety of meds that the Neuro prescribed for the pain, I wrote it off to a meds reaction. My Neuro wrote it off to anxiety 😡. I went to a second Neuro and she too mentioned how strange it was that my muscles shook when she did all the various tests but said perhaps I was nervous?? I’ve had an mri which was normal. I’ve never considered asking about Parkinson’s because I presented with pain first. And tremors seem to be postural rather than resting. Although if I overexert myself (like climbing stairs) my heart starts to pound and I’ll will have shaking in my left arm and fingers. My left arm muscle is constantly in pain as well as my fingers. I assume from the tremor. And I constantly have a twitch under my right eye. I have another Neuro appointment 26 March and I need to know what to ask. How to phrase My questions. I don’t want to seem like the patient who is looking for a serious diagnosis but I don’t want someone to tell me I’m anxious again.