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  1. Medx108

    Young onset PD testing

    I appreciate the responses more than you know. In talking to the MDS, he is using the Levodopa challenge as a test of exclusion. He did say that some of the symptoms should have improved after 5 weeks, but they have not. Unlike most diseases, this beast has no simple conclusive testing to identify its presences. Patience is a virtue that hasn’t graced me yet at 45 yo. Continuing the chase for answers. Thank you all for the feedback.
  2. Medx108

    Young onset PD testing

    Looking for some much needed feedback regarding Young Onset PD testing. After noticing left arm tremors and I sought out medical advise from a family doctor in fall 2015. I was ordered an mri of the brain and neck then sent to neurosurgery, physiatrist, podiatrist then finally neurology. The chase began. All medical providers jumped on a cervical disc herniation with cord compression. Had the surgery to resolve that at c6/c7 level. Symptoms continue through the year following surgery. I end up on the door step of an MDS. He does a quick exam and with no further testing being ordered he says we’re going to try Levodopa. Incremental increases over next five weeks to see if symptoms change. At week four and zero change. There was no labs ordered or anything. Just try the medication. Side effects are very bothersome from the Levodopa with another increase. Is it unusual to not have additional testing before the Levodopa challenge? Is there a protocol of things that should be first? I’m just very confused and very frustrated chasing answers. Thank you