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    I'm about to graduate and will be meeting with an instructor about an internship. Many instructors know I've had health problems. It never came up in his class. If none of the others mentioned it - I don't see why they would - he won't know. I have a meeting with him Monday about the internship. I don't know what I should and should not say about my health. I am currently in denial about Parkinson's most of the time, even when my hand has a tremor so bad it shakes the cloths off their hangers. However, my mind is greatly impacted by everything. (Migraines too) and so I often have moments of slow thought/speech or trouble with understanding words. My concentration right now is bad - every two seconds I'm doing something else. I can't seem to get the work done that I have and that's not like me. So, what is appropriate to tell employers? And what should I tell my instructor? I should note, only one instructor knows about the PD diagnosis, and that is because of how much trouble I am currently having in his class. The rest just know I have health issues.
  2. I was wondering if dyskinesia ever appears in PD before levodopa use? And how is it different from Dystonia? I've had what some describe as motor tics and others as dystonia for over a year. But I also have slow, writhing movements at times. There are days where my hands curl up into claws. Or my arms become 'trex' arms and I cannot fully extend them nor have full use of my hands. This doesn't happen every day, but when it does happen it lasts for a while and it has worsened since it began. However, I never took sinmet or other such medication before it began, so I know it can't be a side effect of something. My question is, does this fit with PD? Is it possible to have dyskinesia without medication?
  3. I already know that it wont, unless I can get the neurologist to refer me and even then its iffy. This insurance is a weird type thats below even Medicaid. (Its extreamly local). To top it off, even if there is the slightest chance that this is a possibility, I do not know if I can get my doc to agree, because I have a hard time talking with him. Yet, if I manage to speak, I might accidentally be too blunt and insult him. Which I dont think would be good. Sorry if I wasnt clear enough before. This is why I asked if anyone knew how much it would cost to see one out of pocket. Also, I’m in FL and I’ve heard some medical expenses are higher here?
  4. Hi every one. I am 25, and have been searching for a diagnosis since last year. However, this has gone way past the point I thought it would. When I began looking, I thought I had fibromyalgia, or at the worst MS. However, when a doctor (not a neurologist) saw my movements, she thought is was chorea (form of dystonia) and told me I might have Huntington's. The neurologist I was sent to never put much stock in this, and did not test for it. However, he now believes that I have Parkinson's, because when he saw me one day I had motor tics, trouble walking, and a resting tremor. Before that day, I never noticed a tremor, and I had been keeping eye out for one. I've dealt with the rest for over a year. I am having trouble accepting this diagnosis, and I don't know if it is denial, or if I need to get a second opinion. However, I do not know how to get one. The insurance I have won't cover me going to just any doctor, and I think this is the only nuero that I can go to. Does anyone know how much something like that might cost? I go back and forth on whether or not the medication helps. I am ALWAYS in a lot of body pain- this is why I thought I had fibromyalgia - and the sinmet seems to help this some. Does anyone else experience that? I also have bad balance, slurred speech, stiffness, muscle spasms, and chronic migraines. I am easily mistaken for drunk, because of the way I move and speak. There are times when my ability to think is about the same level as someone who is drunk. I have thought for a while that this is part of the migraines, which I have dealt with since childhood. But I am curious to know if any one else deals with something similar. Thanks!