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  1. Brian L

    CBD Oil

    Has anyone tried CBD oil for sleep ? Does the thc levels effect the tremors at all ?
  2. Brian L

    Anxiety causing tremors and off time

    Can you tell me which app you are using? Thanks
  3. Brian L

    Anxiety causing tremors and off time

    Just newly diagnosed and trying to deal with the anxiety. What breathing exercise is working for you all.
  4. Brian L


    How is everyone dealing with anxiety. just giagnosed and I’ve been on levodopa for 2 weeks now and keep having anxiety attacks. .
  5. Brian L


    Thanks I’m on Levodopa so I’m hoping this will get the tremor under control . Slowly ramping up the dosage as per doc.
  6. Brian L


    Hello I'm new to this whole PD thing and have a question . Is there any way to relax and stop the tremor or is it on until the drug stops it.