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  1. I was wondering whether or not I would be a candidate for DBS. I am a unique case: I suffered a brain injury from CO poisoning when I was 18. The globus pallidus was lesioned bilaterally, both internally and externally. I think that stimulating the sub-thalamic nucleus might help me with my profound disability, due to the fact that the STN is post synaptic of the GP. What do you think?
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    Weight loss

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    Weight loss

    Hey Doc, I have done a little research on the subject of weight loss and P.D. It appears to be unclear as to what mechanisms are responsible for lower BMI in Parkinson's disease. I have lost a considerable amount of weightsince diagnosis 29 years ago: down from about 193 to now 154. I understand that the loss of fat and malnutrition are to blame for the loss of weight in most typical patients. I am wondering how much protein synthesis has to do with the nature of this loss of weight. I work out a lot, and try to consume as much protein and fat as I can on a daily basis. However, my body is not, and has not recovered from exercise the way that it should. In fact, I seem to be losing muscle mass. Just curious to get your thoughts on the subject.
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    Hey Doctors; You probably don't remember me by name, but you might recall my story. 1988, CO poisoning, bi-lateral lesions to the GPI and GPE. I report back to you now in worse condition than I was when I last contacted you, about 10 years ago, I think? The subject of this message is the amino acid Taurine. I have done some research into the properties of this essential AA, namely that it can turn on sleeping stem cells in the brain and perhaps reverse the effects of the disease. I am sad to say that my decline has more and more resembled some sort of disease. Therefore I have been supplementing with large doses of Taurine for the last two months. No appreciable effect has been noticed. Should I continue to take this fairly inexpensive supplement, or should I just wait for a miracle of some sort. Jacob Drollinger