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    Now I know the enemy

    Hello everyone! I'm a 70 year old retired graphic designer, living in Blackburn UK and a new member of this forum. I'm just starting out on my journey of bodily repair, having just recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's. I now look back at probably around ten years of struggling with my health. My GP has tried to find the cause of my many symptoms over the last two years, finally coming to the conclusion that it must be Parkinson's, by a process of elimination. He finally referred me to a neurologist but with a nine month waiting list there was no hope of a rapid final verdict! While waiting, I consulted a naturopath then a hypnotherepist, on the belief my symptoms might just be stress and anxiety based, rather than Parkinson's. Neither of these two approaches really helped. Then the day arrived for the neurologist's verdict -"Parkinson's!" It wasn't really a surprise since I had long realized that my list of symptoms matched all those listed on various Parkinson's web sites as being typical Parkinson's markers. Having it confirmed, helped actually. Now I knew the enemy, and now I could build a battle plan! Study can be a great defence against fear (of what's in store), even when presented with the doom-and-gloom symptoms of the latter stages of the disease. I am scared of sliding down the slippery-slope, as the condition advances - but; I also find stories of others who have apparently held their ground against the disease. Some seem to found a way of reversing out of the grip of Parkinson's altogether. Dare I hope to have what it takes to do battle with Parkinson's, and win? Time will tell! I'm not happy to let my GP or neurologist dole-out medications to 'control' the symptoms but I do initially see the benefit of starting with Benildopa to bring some immediate relief from the most difficult symptoms but I plan on following the 'alternative therapies' rouit even though I know the neurologist only believes the standard medical approach is right. Ultimately it's my choice. I trust my way is the right one to follow but I hope that one day he doesn't turn out to be right!