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  1. I have been having a hand tremor for about 6 months. I put this off to exercise. See in the last year I have lost 70lbs and picked up the hobby of powerlifting. I got pretty decent quickly in my lifts in that short time. The downside is I have felt sore or a bit fatigued for most of that year. I just looked at the hand tremor as another side effect of a life well lived. Back on subject, I went to a sports doctor last Monday to see if I had some issue with arm or shoulder that was causing the tremor. It seems to be worse after a really hard session but I also drink a few cups of coffee before I go to the gym. The doc took about 5mins of an exam to refer me to a neurologist. He made no comments on cause just saying that it was not within his scope of expertise. I was a bit worried but not too bad. I wasn't aware at the time of a family history with PD but if I was I might have been more nervous. I found out later that my great aunt had PD and my grandmother may have had it but passed away soon after tremors started. My mother is an only child and is good but I am her oldest child and only one with an issue, thank god. I was able to get into the neurologist that day. He did what I guess is the normal consultation and them a physical exam. Testing rigidity, observing the tremor, and observing my gate. After the initial exam, he gave a tentative diagnosis of PD but wanted me to get a DaTscan and an MRI before a final assessment. I actually felt relieved by his no BS attitude and being kind but blunt. I was a US Marine earlier and maybe that is just a trait I respect. Well, the DaT came back positive while the MRI came back negative for any other issues. After the doc confirmed the results and told me that I have PD. He didn't want to put me on any meds yet as I can still function without them. The tremor is only in my left hand and forearm and I use the right as dominant hand. Not really sure reasoning but think its to prevent a tolerance. As most that have been diagnosed, I am currently having some depression issues. I am going to continue powerlifting at the docs advice. I was surprised because I squat 435 and deadlift 535 but I am very happy. Powerlifting is my escape and stress relief. I have done one training session since the diagnosis and it made me feel better mentally for most of that day. I went online and researched supplements that I should take and things I should avoid but don't know were to begin. I am and have been taking Creatine Monohydrate for lifting so at least I have 1 thing that might help. My wife has been a rock during this and is a beacon in a sometimes dark world. I have also let my 11year old daughter know but didn't go too deep into it. I don't know the right way to bring it up so I want to let her ask questions and just be as good a dad as I can. My 46th birthday was Monday. Here's to the next one being far better!