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  1. ChrisS

    Shot in the dark

    Dave, Well as I said I've noticed the changes over the past years and they've gradually become more pronounced; it wasnt like acute onset or anything like that. Obviously I don't know for sure what's wrong but PD was the most obvious explanation I could find on my own. I had a good gym workout regimine for about 2 years or so when I was down in NC (roughly an hour/ hour and a half, 3 to 5 days a week) and, while I have developed better muscle definition, it still persists. I just recently moved back to PA so still working on getting settled/into a routine so haven't been working out as much. I have been looking for work but there aren't many options in the area where I'm living; thankfully I'm staying with family so there hasn't been much pressure on quickly finding work and frankly I'm much less stressed than I have been the previous years (a little bored, but I don't have bills and things to stress about at the moment). As I said I'm just looking for answers/explanations to the things I've been noticing. Thanks for your input/advice Dave!
  2. ChrisS

    Shot in the dark

    Dave, I have noticed tremors in both hands but I think my left/non dominant side seems to have them slightly more frequently; though like I said I've also noticed tremors in the both legs pretty equally as well as the torso and head/neck. When I first started noticing them I thought they were like a nervous tick or like restless leg syndrome or simply just me not having adequate muscle mass to keep myself/ my limbs steady (as I've always been pretty small/slight of build) or something but they've been increasing in frequency and like "magnitude" and have become like "omnipresent" around the body which is what made me look into the neurodegenerative stuff.
  3. ChrisS

    Shot in the dark

    Pinkdaisy, That was definitely one of my fears/concerns about insurance. I was looking into Medicaid a bit but not sure if I'd really qualify and if so, not sure what or how much it'd cover but anything is better than nothing. Thankfully I did find some MDS' up in Erie and down in Pittsburgh so hopefully when I figure out the insurance business one of them will take what I have. Y'all have been so great, I can't say thank you enough!
  4. ChrisS

    Shot in the dark

    I found a few MDS specialists relatively close to where I live now (as I just moved from NC back home to PA), my only problem is that I'm still on the job hunt so I don't have health insurance at the moment...that'll be my first step I guess; I know some companies don't like to insure people with pre existing conditions so I wasnt sure how much opposition I would face...if only healthcare weren't so gosh darned expensive, but you cant put a price on your life I suppose! I've been afraid to voice my concerns to anyone close to me as I don't want to be told "there's nothing to worry about"/not be taken seriously seriously/etc but I really appreciate the advice and support folks, it really means a lot
  5. ChrisS

    Shot in the dark

    Linda, Thank you so much! I really appreciate the advice. I just didn't really put 2 and 2 together until recently and even then I was apprehensive because I hated the idea of wasting a doctors time if my concerns weren't founded on anything concrete. It was actually weird timing because I had been looking into like medical field careers and that's when I started piecing bits together as I was finding like, applicable medical terminology and whatnot. As far as things go, I'm not "scared" per say...I do just want answers and to know that I'm (hopefully) not crazy and all of this isn't just in my head haha I'll definitely look into an MDS as soon as I can...medical stuff is just so expensive nowadays (which is another part of the reason I haven't gone to get this looked at further). But, yeah, thanks again Linda for taking the time to read my post and reach out!
  6. ChrisS

    Shot in the dark

    To whomever is out there... Guess I'll just go for it. So over the past couple of years I've been noticing some changes in my body and wasn't sure what to make of them. I haven't wanted to go to a doctor simply for the fact that I feel like I should be a normal 25 year old male and that maybe the things I've noticed are just all in my head. As I said I'm a 25, almost 26, year old male living in US. I've never had any major health concerns that I'm aware of but like I said I've noticed some things over the past few years that have me a little concerned. I am a moderate coffee drinker (usually 1-3 cups in the morning/early afternoon) and a moderate smoker (mostly from boredom/when I'm stressed). At first I thought that the shakiness was a caffeine/nicotine thing or perhaps a stress/anxiety thing but now I'm not so sure. It used to just be resting tremors in the hands, like if I held out an arm my hand would inevitably shake (mostly in the fingers) but lately I've noticed that the tremors seem to be the whole hand and fingers now, and are kinesthetic as well as resting; not ALL the time, but the frequency seems to be increasing and didn't usually happen when my hands were occupied. Now I seem to be fumbling quite a lot (dropping cigarettes, silverware...things that require fine [fluid] motor skills. Even texting or typing now my fingers seem to go off and hit wrong keys, and I don't seem to be able to play the piano as well as I used to (which in truth wasn't all that great but now my playing is just messy). And it seems that when I write a lot ("a lot"=a couple of paragraphs) my hand starts to scrap and my writing becomes smaller and borderline illegible to anyone but me (since I knew what I was writing about). Ive also noticed "tremors" I guess in other areas, such as my thighs. At first I thought they were just some muscle spasm from something I did (pulling a muscle or from work or what have you). They were or try rhythmic pulses in various areas of the thigh but ive also noticed that the whole leg (either left or right) will jerk suddenly, usually while I'm sitting; almost the kind of myclonic jerk one experiences when falling asleep but I'm definitely awake. And I've noticed that my balance/coordination when I'm walking seems to falter occasionally so I'll stumble to the side or trip over my feet which I don't recall happening when I was "younger". I've been under the impression that I have a moderate lactose intolerance issue which I believe is causing a calcium/bone problem as pretty much every bone/joint in my body cracks frequently so I had assumed the balance coordination thimg might be from that but again, I'm not so sure of anything anymore.I've also noticed some "head bobbing" or unsteadiness but this isn't nearly as common as the rest of the "tremors" I've been experiencing so I wasnt sure but it seemed like in general the tremors are becoming worse and spreading to more areas of my body. My voice has always been soft/shaky. I rembember in high school doing theater and chorus/musicals that I was constantly being told to project more, but it was always a struggle (and still is) which I attributed to be shy/introverted but ive noticed that sometimes I get stuck on certain sounds/syllables to the point where its almost a stutter which I've never had issues with before. I've also noticed some memory problems lately which is very unsettling for me as I was pretty much a straight A book need in high school. I was always "the smart kid", but now I have trouble recalling things off the top of my head (which I wanted to attribute to me just getting older...though I'm not really that old), but I've noticed that my 50(ish...I forget the exact year she was born) year old mother (who was usually pretty smart/with it) seems to be getting pretty forgetful or confused sometimes which has me worrying not only about her mental faculties but the future of mine as well. These were just some of the things that I've noticed and when "googling" seemed to throw up a red flag. I'm by no means a hypochondriac...why anyone would WANT to be unhealthy is beyond me...but after observing myself for my whole life so far I feel like something isn't quite right anymore and I'm not sure what or why. Like I said I wasnt sure what to expect, if anything, but I figured aside from an actual medical diagnosis, that someone with PD might be able to tell me if I should be worried and look into this further or not. My younger half brother was diagnosed as broad spectrum autistic when he was a little younger which is what got me thinking about this more, as a lot of neurological disorders seem to be tied in genetically. Thank you to anyone who may have taken the time to read and/or respond to my query. Its appreciated, even if I get a "nothing to worry about" haha I'd just like a little peace of mind. Best wishes, ChrisS