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  1. I am an engineering student from the US working on a project at the National University of Singapore, and I am developing a product to make it easier for people with hand tremors to unlock doors using keys. My team and I have been unable to find many people with hand tremors willing to talk to us, but we would really like to know what you would like to see in a product like this and how we can best help you. Some of the important criteria for the product that we have identified are: -should make key easy to grip -guide key to keyhole easily with correct orientation -easy to operate -compact Please comment if there are any other qualities that would be important to you. Some other questions we have: -Would you prefer an attachment to your key to be smaller or larger? Which is easier for you to grip? -What issues do you encounter when trying to use keys? -How do you hold/use your key? -How much would you pay for a product like this? Anything helps, thank you!