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    Every time I log in it says my password is incorrect so i have to click reset and wait for the email to reset my password I am sure my password is correct and that my cap lock is not on. This happens every time. Thank You
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    Is it his PD or could it be his way to deal with PD?

    Yes, the medication has helped, he has resting tremors. The neurologist did tell us in the beginning that stress is what probably brought his on sooner and made his symptoms more noticeable. He was lucky enough to be able to stay with the same company just lighten his stress load. His company knows he has PD and there has never been a problem his brain works fine he does have tremors at times and his walk is effected but none of that hinders him from doing his job. Good Luck!
  3. Shanon Sowell

    Is it his PD or could it be his way to deal with PD?

    Thank You Dianne!
  4. My husband was diagnosed about two years ago with PD at age 50. Years ago he was a Navy Seal so i believe that has been a factor in the mentality that he has about his PD. He is in denial, at first he wouldn't even talk about it and no way he would do any research or read anything about it. It took several months before he would even take the medication needed for the tremors. He takes Pramipexole time release. Here is where i need help.... there are days he will come home from work (he has a pretty stressful job) and have a beer or two and all is good then there are days he comes home and has a beer or two and i would swear he has had more. He will have somewhat of slurred speech, glassy eyes, his gait is worse and he will say things that make no since. Alcoholism runs in his family so i am worried maybe he is drinking more than i know to maybe cope with the PD future. I go to every doctors appointment with him but its hard to bring things like this up at the appointment without upsetting my husband, he already hates the appointments and gets upset because he says all they do at the appointments is watch him walk and do stupid movement exercises and all the doctor offers is to increase his medication if he feels its needed. He goes to the gym everyday and eats healthy. I do not want to accuse him of drinking more or hiding a bottle of liquor if it is the PD or the medication. If anyone has any words of wisdom please share them with me. I am new to PD, where to look for help and what behavior is PD and what is pride. Thank You