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  1. Thank you Dave, I appreciate it! I was just researching MDS's in my area. I am going to make an appointment! It has been a rough few years and I just can't imagine adding this diagnosis to the list
  2. Hi there, My name is Marissa. I'm very concerned that I have PD. A little about me: Age 37, 100% single mother to two kids, 11 and 8. I have a small, yet supportive family. Health: Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type II in 2006 Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in 2011 Diagnosed with Epilepsy 4 months ago (yes, 4 MONTHS) Tonic Clonic seizures, fortunately they are few and and far between, I've had 3 in 4 years. PD Symptoms: I noticed about 2 years ago that my right arm does not swing at all. It's just dead weight. I chalked this up to many years of constant back pain and poor posture since childhood. I have had tremors in my hands for years. My thyroid has been very difficult to treat and the doctors change my dose a few times a year. When I'm too hyperactive, it can cause tremors, so I chalked it up to that. In March the tremors increased in frequency and severity quite a bit. I had my thyroid tested and sure enough my TSH was on the hyper end. My medication has since been lowered twice with no relief of the tremors. I have another blood test on 6/22. I am PRAYING that the test actually comes back as hyper again, it would put my mind at ease (a little) about the tremors being from that and not PD. Also, I have said now for a couple months to my parents and friends that my short term memory is awful. I can lose my train of thought mid-sentence. I'll walk into a room to get something and have to stop to think about why I entered the room. It's terrible. So the tremors... Honestly, most of the tremors occur when I'm doing something, "Action tremor" correct? I can't hold a cup of water or do anything really without my hands and arms visibly shaking (both sides of body). *sometimes* when my hands are resting in my lap or on my desk at work, I will get a slight tremor in my fingers. Sometimes you can visually see it, and other times it feels "internal", if that makes sense... I know that the tremors for PD typically occur at rest, correct? Has anyone ever had them be more prevalent when their doing something or is it really "just at rest"? I am really hurting right now. The epilepsy diagnosis was hard enough, but PD? I don't even know what to do... Life changing My plan is to go for the blood test on 6/22 to see if I'm still hyper. I already have a neurologist for my epilepsy, I'm going to schedule an appointment after the blood test results come in. I think the one symptom that scares me the most is the arm swing. I've tried and tried to research reasons its occuring besides PD and can't find anything! I am SO scared. I have two kids, single mother, I need to work. I'm crying all the time thinking about how our lives would change if it is really PD. Thanks for listening. Marissa