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    Served at Edgewood Arsenal?

    Thanks Gulfvet, I have joined the FB group. What a wonderful resource. Lot's of good info. Thanks for your work on it. It's so important. I plan to contact my congressional representatives and senators about getting the VA to collect and release info re : # of vets with PD and where they served. Do you have the name and number of the legislation that compelled the VA to release the info? I just saw the list of places where the VA acknowledges there was exposure to chemicals that are presumptive re: PD. Quite a list. I need to carefully examine the EPA superfund lists of chemicals dumped at Edgewood. On my "to do" list!
  2. JKBruns

    Served at Edgewood Arsenal?

    Thank you, GulfWarVet, for this additional information. Again your information is very helpful. So while you weren't born yet, my husband at age 77 is well past 60 years old, over 50 years past his service. And while at the time he felt he was lucky not to get sent to Viet Nam, he had a time bomb, PD, set to go off many years after his service. Do you have any suggestions of next steps in terms of getting the VA to comply with the legislative directive to gather and release info re # of vets? Thanks, Jean
  3. JKBruns

    Served at Edgewood Arsenal?

    Hello Gulfvet, First of all, thank you for your service. I'm sorry to hear that you are dealing with PD as a result of your service. We have a friend who also served at Camp Lejeune and received compensation for PD based on his service there for the same reason. But he is much older than you and served at about the same time as my husband did. So the problem with the water there must have been a problem for many years. Disgraceful. I wonder how many others were affected. Do you know? Is there a way to find out how many veteran's have PD and where they served? I've also read an article about the Gulf War syndrome which suggested that PD should be monitored in Gulf War vets since there may be a connection considering all the different chemicals, including sarin, that they might have been exposed to. If I can find the article I'll send it to you. I do appreciate your advice about Veteran Service Officers. The one we are in contact with was recommended to us. He spent quite a bit of time with us gathering our information and was able to identify what we needed to do to strengthen our claim. I'm getting a little nervous though, since I sent him an email a week ago,l a few days after our visit, and I haven't heard back. If we're not satisfied, is it a problem to switch to a different service officer?
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    Served at Edgewood Arsenal?

    Hi Linda, I sent you an email yesterday. Did you get it?
  5. JKBruns

    Served at Edgewood Arsenal?

    Linda, This was very helpful. But I have to admit to being a novice using forums. Not sure how to reply directly to you. Or to PM. Can you tell me how to do that. Thanks
  6. JKBruns

    Served at Edgewood Arsenal?

    My husband served in the military at Edgewood Arsenal during the years 1963 and 1965. During that time, as well as before and after, the military was conducting research on a variety of chemicals and drugs. Both human and animal subjects were used. Recently a law case found in favor of plaintiffs who were human subjects at Edgewood. My husband was drafted and assigned to be a lab technician in a lab testing a variety of materials to find one that would protect soldiers from a nerve agent attack. Sarin was one of the chemicals he worked with. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about 4 years ago, but knowing what we know now about the symptoms of PD, he clearly has had it for many years before he was officially diagnosed. We are preparing a claim arguing that his PD was caused by his service at Edgewood. Recently there has been a law case that found in favor of the thousands of soldiers who were human subjects. But there has not been any acknowledgment that those who worked in the labs were also at risk. We are seeking other soldiers who worked at Edgewood Arsenal, but who were not test subjects, around the years 1963-65 who also developed Parkinson's Disease. If you or someone you know fits this description, please respond to this forum. Thank you.