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  1. Thks for your reply guys Tom he is def old school everything is grand kinda guy lol . Exercise is big part of his life ,he goes the gym 5 times a week mon to friday, will check out the boxing thing it sounds fun, he might like that as he used to be black belt karate ! Thks for informing me bout ldopa, the neuro said it should take 2 weeks to see improvement, so i wasnt sure if the dopamine needs to accumulate first if you know what i mean , thks guys much appreciated Leanna
  2. Hi Tom thank you for your reply the dose says 12 .5mg 3 times daily , is this starter dose and how long would it take to see improvement? Dad has right hand tremor since last may, slow movent since 1and half yr it took me a long time to convince him to get 2nd dr opinion he is very old school as 1st dr said essential tremor, he believes everything !! I knew he wasnt right, but now at least we have a diagnosis , its just so scary
  3. Hi all my dad was diagnosed with pd on wed, totally devasted but not surprised, he is 63 and is starting 12.5 mg sinemet 3 times daily, how long would it take for meds to improve symptoms ? Thks a mil x
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