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  1. This is called festination. I would recommend optimizing medication dose and interval as sometimes it is medication. Physical therapy and assistive devices can be helpful.
  2. This is more commonly seen in spinocerebellar ataxia or MSA. There is a now a genetic panel available for many SCA's. The MRI may help too.
  3. Not in my experience....
  4. I assume you mean that both would have Parkinson and start their Parkinson at the exact same time and with the exact symptoms and course? No one knows the answer as this is very unlikely and more likely is that they will be different.
  5. Physical therapy (pelvic floor); sometimes medications but often meds make the cognition worse.
  6. Thanks, please call our 18004PDinfo helpline and we can talk you through it.
  7. The botox when applied correctly for excess saliva rarely causes swallowing issues.
  8. Sometimes higher levodopa doses help clear phlegm by helping with swallowing. We optimize meds and work hard with the speech therapist.
  9. Sure; its a little fast for me as I decrease one dose at a time of agonist and go slower.
  10. Awesome. Thanks for the response.
  11. If you mean temporal interference we are waiting for human trials....
  12. You and doc need to determine if the higher doses of agonists or Sinemet may be responsible for blepharospasm. Sometimes reducing per dose dopaminergics helps and sometimes botox helps.
  13. There is no known contraindication for Parkinson and the shingles shot. There may however be another medical reason beyond Parkinson which affects the decision for a shingles shot.
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