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  1. I am 86 years old and only using Sinemet 200/50 12 times in 24 hours for Parkinson (2 hours interval). Thanks and my very best to you and yours great work. Joao Paulo.
  2. joaocar29


    I do have Parkinson diagnosed about 20 years ago , and I started to have serious sleep`s disturb about past 5 year ago. Recent sleep exam revealed I do have now moderate to severe apnea. Along all these years I DO TRY TO OPTIMIZE THE USE OF LEVEDOPA. The fatigue increased very heavily in these 5 last years.. In my case, would you approve the use of L-Tryptophan, or else Modafenl, or else some other drug, to diminish the fatigue ?? Thanks so much for yours always kind, valuable and appreciated attention.
  3. joaocar29


    Is it hynosis a indicated treatment for tremors ?? Thanks for your attention and gentleness. Joao Paulo (BR)
  4. joaocar29

    DBS and sports

    Dear Doctor, What sort of risks there may be for a person that has implanted DBS to practice sports such as iight indoors( not in the field ) brazilian soccer football, volley, byking ,or jogging, etc. ?? Leads could be displaced ?? Thanks for your kind and patient attention and precious time, Sincerely, Joao Paulo Carvalho (BR)
  5. Thank you very much. Kudos for yours noble work and attention..
  6. Dear Doctor, Could you kindly clear ours doubts about the topic above ? Yours V.Trully Joao Carvalho - BR
  7. Dear Doctor, Due to lack and shortage of some drugs in my State in Brazil , I have been prescribed to take doses of levodopa +carbidopa and levodopa+benserazide (Sinemet and Madopar) , in the same day and sometimes togheter at same time if extended levodopa+benserazide is the indicated. Do you see any harm, or problem, with this procedure ?? Yours Very Truly, Joao Paulo
  8. joaocar29

    Seretonine and endomorphine why not ?

    Thanks for you kind attention and expertise answer. I keep wondering why there is not possible yet the use and addition of seretonine in PD treatment in some cases, as it does happens with the dopamine (levodopa).
  9. joaocar29

    Seretonine and endomorphine why not ?

    Which serotonin reuptake inhibitors could you recomend, or more used, if the case ?
  10. Dear Doctor, Should'nt be allright to use other neurotransmiters such as seretonine and endomorphine in treating PD ? Best and regards.
  11. joaocar29

    Sinemet wearing off

  12. joaocar29

    Sinemet wearing off