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  1. Rogerstar1

    Unexplained foot/ankle pain and swelling

    I've just finished rereading much of the seven year old thread Living Large with Parkinson's disease. I recommend it to everyone as an informative and civil dialogue.
  2. Rogerstar1

    Unexplained foot/ankle pain and swelling

    As a new comer to our little club, I hope you will benefit from this item as it appeared several years ago in The Washington Post newspaper.
  3. Rogerstar1

    Unexplained foot/ankle pain and swelling

    Sounds like dystonia to me, where groups of muscles no longer work in unison. A shot of botox or something akin to it has solved my problems for six months at a time in the past.
  4. Rogerstar1

    Feeling anxious

    My experience is nearly identical to em45. PD began in about 1993-94. DBS 4.5 years ago (now on my second battery). I frequently forget to take CL dosages. Pre-DBS I was taking 17 plus whole pills a day and now take maybe 4 half pills for a somewhat restful nights sleep half of a 50-200 upon retiring. Good luck to you both.
  5. Rogerstar1

    Feeling anxious

    Lorraine - The question: Is the returning tremor and/or anxiety prompted by the medications or the disease? I would suggest you manipulate the variables to winnow down what is happening. To state the question differently, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Reduce the amount of CL you ingest by breaking tablets in half or even 1/3s and spacing them at shorter and then longer intervals. Let the cycle run its course, taking no CL when the shakes commence and see if they finally abate over time or continue to worsen. Try some extended release 50-200 tablets and see how they work out for you. I have little to no tremor...I know when I start my day with a half a pill on an empty stomach I generally experience some dyskinesia. Doesn't this become an academic question somewhat after you figure out what works to quell the unpleasant symptoms? Hope this response clarifies...not sure it does. R.
  6. Rogerstar1

    Good days and bad days?

    "On" and "off" refers to periods throughout any given day when a patients medication (usually Carbidopa-Levidopa) is either working (on) or not yet working. (off). Many of us pwps (people with parkinsons) discover how dramatically responsive to the drug we are...thus the terminology.
  7. Rogerstar1

    Lurkers? Past posters? Where are you??

    No comment.
  8. Rogerstar1


    Most all of us on this forum are patients, not physicians Mr. Hilaire. Accordingly we are not allowed to prescribe medications, let alone send you some that we may have horded for a day when having some extras might come in handy. I wish this were not the case but, alas, it is. You should redirect your inquiry to the doctors on this website (NPF) who may have some ideas on how to assist you. Best of luck to you Sir in all things.
  9. Rogerstar1

    Post diagnosis projects and accomplishments.

    deleted by author
  10. Rogerstar1

    Post diagnosis projects and accomplishments.

    Deleted by author
  11. pdmanaz - Please excuse our resident crone who, like so many (myself included very occasionally ) takes herself and her sanctimonious point of view too seriously. If she would ever discuss an issue like the theocratic one raised by my 13 bible studiers killed the other night in Texas as her omnipotent, all seeing "lord" took the night off allowing the catastrophe to occur, arguably, she might win a convert or two. But no, Linda G favors threats of excommunication, bullying and castigation. That's all they got - look at all the turmoil and death brought on by religions on out planet. Sigh. Imagine.......as John Lennon taught us about 'no religion, too" More later about Theodacy by writer Susan Jacoby. Have a terrific day pdmanaz and other PWIDs.
  12. Rogerstar1

    Parkinson Glove Experience

    FOR GENERAL READERSHIP: I recently discovered homemade smoothies concocted by blender from orange sections, bananas, strawberry daiquari concentrate, cider, pears, kiwi fruit, broccoli and lime, lemons and vanilla yogurt. (Or combination thereof). Limes provide the nicest little kick and after taste. M-m-m-m, goes down easy and clean-up is a breeze. Contraptions such as you've depicted would drive me batty!
  13. Think, Linda G...do you believe the number of travelers (13) in a church bus may have been a factor? I am not a triskaidekaphobic but consider this: From the 1890s, a number of English language sources relate the "unlucky" thirteen to an idea that at the Last Supper, Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table.[2] The Bible says nothing about the order in which the Apostles sat, but there were thirteen people at the table. Also, the number 13 is not uniformly bad in the Judeo-Christian tradition. For example, the attributes of God (also called the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy) are enumerated in the Torah (Exodus 34:6–7). Triskaidekaphobic