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  1. klmdoc

    Sinemet to Sinemet CR Overnight

    Dr Mark: Hi Doc - could we go back to the overnight issue? Would it be a problem to take a CR @ bedtime (1030) then at 300=330 (wh3n I ALWAYS WAKE UP) take another 25/100 CR ALONG WITH a half tab of the 25/100 IR? I need the second CR but can't go back to sleep for some reason. ALSO ( related?) EVERY morning I have a terrible OFF as soon as I take my 1030 dose of 2 25/100 (following my first morning dose of same sinemet + 1 mg Requip). Any suggestions to overcome these issues greatly appreciated as always! Linda
  2. klmdoc

    Drug Interaction warnings

  3. klmdoc

    Sinemet to Sinemet CR Overnight

    Hi Doc - could we go back to the overnight issue? Would it be a problem to take a CR @ bedtime (1030) then at 300=330 (wh3n I ALWAYS WAKE UP) take another 25/100 CR ALONG WITH a half tab of the 25/100 IR? I need the second CR but can't go back to sleep for some reason. ALSO ( related?) EVERY morning I have a terrible OFF as soon as I take my 1030 dose of 2 25/100 (following my first morning dose of same sinemet + 1 mg Requip). Any suggestions to overcome these issues greatly appreciated as always! Linda
  4. Oh Dr Comes - I didn't get a notification so I just now saw this. I am having a horrible time; how I wish I could chat with you even for 5 minutes! If that's possible please let me know and I will get a phone # to you. My neuros don't seem to believe the "sugar" evidence - - and I'm NOT a hypochondriac or any such thing I swear! I put myself on a low gloucemic diet and the problem above abated somewhat. THEN things got worse but in another direction. My neuro increased dose of sinemet IR by a half-tab X 5 doses, and decreased night CR to 25/100. I am now so "jumpy" that I am headed for the ER AGAIN unless I feel better. Right now I have legs and feet burning, arms feeling tingly and weak, muscle rigidity in my back & neck .... I think I'd best go/. i was trying to find something here about this hand and feet (and all over) "tingling" feeling so that I could take it with me. If you can and want to contact me on my public email address it is lindaglyle@gmail.com I am so touched by your being "on call" for me and by your kind concern!! I"m SO SORRY i didn't see that post before now! I certainly would not have ignored it!! Please keep praying for me as I am having a hard time coping with all of this! Linda
  5. I cannot find the posts -- PLEASE repost them or send to me via email -- I am on the verge of going to the ER because I fear I will die otherwise
  6. klmdoc

    Sinemet to Sinemet CR Overnight

    Dr Comes -- it seems I have worse problems than this. Please see the urgent post I just sent. Would it be at all poss\sible to get back to me on that post asap as I have a dr appt on Monday and will need to make my case with all the ammunition I can find. It's tough when I'm having only 5-6 hours of ON time a day now, but I must find as much information as I can (about sinemet causing a "rebound" reaction linked to diabetes -- you originally posted this info on July 26 2017; again, I need a many relevant leads or links as you can give me. Thank you so much! Linda
  7. Hi Dr Comes, PLEASE HELP by posting ANY recent links on this - I'm CERTAIN that I am a victim of this syndrome -- starting with, "Does it have a name?" ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you can tell me will help immensely as my docs are basically patting me on the head and prescribing MORE Sinemet w/out even doing a glucose tolerance test. Meanwhile, I've lost 5 hours of ON time in the past TWO WEEKS, since I began taking Sinemet CR 50/200. This request is urgent as I managed to get a dr appt for MONDAY. Thank you! Linda
  8. klmdoc

    Sinemet to Sinemet CR Overnight

    Hi Dr Comes, I've been scripted an overnight dose of CR 50/200 to take "at bedtime" -- the problem is, I take my last (5th) "day dose" of two 25/100's at 800 pm. The docs won't give me minimum or maximum intervals between the two, but I know there MUST be some! When would you take the CR in this case? (P.S. I also take 1 mg Requip w/that 5th dose). Perhaps more urgently -- I'm afraid to take TWO 50/200 CR tabs in one night, which is actually what was prescribed! I wouldn't mind trying the 25/100 CR twice -- but I've had 2 weeks of this higher CR dose now (always taken at 1030 after "5th day dose" at 800) -- and I STILL wake up about the same time as when I took a half IR during the night (at two different times). If CR lasts 8 hours, what is wrong? Finally, can I switch back to the 25/100 CR immediately (one at 1030 ) and see what happens? PLEASE help me untangle this ! My anxiety is going off the rails!! Thanks SO much! from Linda (klmdoc)
  9. klmdoc


    Thanks so much for the speedy response!! Here's what worked LAST night 800 last "regular" day's dose (went to sleep immediately) 1000 (awakened by caregiver to take 3.75 mg tranxene/back to sleep immediately 1230 (awakened by stiff/tingling legs; took flexeril 5mg which calmed legs and allowed return to sleep in recliner) 200 took 1/2 sinemet and returned to bed -- slept immediately and until 5:30 am Although fragmented, that's the most sleep I've had in DAYS. If this gives you any more insight into where to put the Requip, or anything else, I'd love to know. Take care! Linda
  10. klmdoc


    Man, would that be the miracle of all miracles!! I sure hope you're right! One clarification, please : I assume it's safe to simply add in the 4TH dose without titration (right?) -- so when would be the best time to add it into this schedule One R + 2 Sinemet @ 8, 2pm, 8pm ; plus two Sinemet @ 11am and 5 pm. Should I simply add 1 mg it to the 5 pm dose? Or add .50 mg to the 11am and 5pm doses such that every dose would contain some Requip? OR should I take it alone around midnight or thereabouts when I always wake up to turn over? Please advise! I can't wait to check this out, but I want to do it right. You're a national treasure! Thank you so much for your help! Linda
  11. klmdoc


    Hi Dr - I've been through "hell and half of GA" with a movement specialist that my regular neuro wanted me to see, so I'm back to square one. Short version: I agreed to try extended C/L and ended up with NO IMPROVEMENT + the first "freezing" episode ever -- It seemed to result from sinemet overload. i was told that I could split the CR Sinemet but although that gave me longer sleep times, I think it wreaked havoc with my previously-stable day schedule. In fact, other than a few "failed" doses (never kick in) my day schedule is almost back to normal. I've also found that taking 1/2 of an IR Sinemet twice during the night gives me at least 6 and often 8 hours' sleep, albeit in "chunks" (but it's ok because I return to sleep nearly immediately. My first question to you now is this: I used to take four 1-mg Requip per day and slept sufficiently. Now I take only 3, but since I've had so much trouble and since that was a stable regimen, I don't want to rock the whole boat yet. WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN IF I TOOK A REQUP XL just at my last dose of the day? Or better still, could I first try adding back a 4th requip and see what happened? The easy thing would be to sub the XL for the IR @ last dose -- but would there be a titration issue or other complications? Good to be back and to have you back after surgery! Thanks, Linda
  12. klmdoc

    Laxatives and Sinemet interaction

    HI DR COMES, What if you eat dinner then take the Ducolax in + 30 min and the PD meds 30 minutes after that?
  13. klmdoc

    Reduced Sinemet & Increased Problems

    Hello Doctor; I hope you are well. It was a pleasure meeting you at your clinic roughly a year ago, and your "permission" to take 25/100 IR tabs in halves to "boost" doses and/or to cover emergencies has helped immensely. Thank you. My question: My "therapeutic" dose of CL seems to be 11-12 tabs a day: 10.5 of these are scheduled, with the remnants being PRN. NO signs of dyskinesias although I do need 1-2 half tabs during the night to avoid excruciating leg pain. Intervals between doses vary and LENGTHEN with each subsequent d0se -- SO WHEN AND HOW WILL I KNOW THAT I'M AT and/or APPROACHING "SINEMET SATURATION" (my term for the max dose I can tolerate)?
  14. klmdoc

    Rytary conversion

    The same thing happened to me (almost). I was started at three "195" capsules TID (at 8/1/6). I truly felt as if my head were coming off, and I haven't been able to sleep much at all ever since. (Could these be related events, Dr?). After taking the first dose, I was giddy and "high" for a couple hours then crashed into a Zombie-like state for the next 12 hours. OFF TIMES were far more intense than normal. Wouldn't be surprised if 5-10 years from now, we start seeing some ugly long-term side effects. It may be C-L based,, but I thing RYTARY is dangerous.
  15. klmdoc


    Hi Dr Comes - sorry for the delayed answer but I have been sans computer for over a week! First, please feel free to call me LINDA and thanks for asking!! I'm a Ph.D. (communication psychologist), hence the "doc" handle. Sorry about that. I have 2 questions. I cannot locate the final schedule you came up with for me; would it be too much trouble to copy and paste it into a new reply? Also, I'm having severe insomnia due to NEUROPATHY (tingling & burning in my legs & feet) at night when I am otherwise mostly OFF. As you know my carbidopa load is 25 ms X 12 tabs = 300 mg and I've taken Sinemet for about 10 years. Please suggest what I should do (besides see my neuro). THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I HOPE YOUR OPERATION IS A RESOUNDING SUCCESS!! Linda