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Found 1 result

  1. Howdy folks, DH Is a painter (walls, not canvasses) and the doctor has said he can't get on ladders anymore. Um, what? Eek! But we work at a university and they have a nice ADA office and we need to register his "disability" and ask for reasonable accommodation. Background: But, his boss is a racist, sexist homophobic a$$hole. DH doesn't play that and never has. Doesn't make him popular. Then, boss has at least four times given incorrect info to shop. And he lied about a safety violation. In each of these instances DH went around boss, had higher ups reprimand boss and even write him up for safety violation. Again, makes him pretty much hated. Cut to the chase: boss gets to decide whether requested accommodation puts undue burden on shop. We don't think so. So DH can't get on ladder. He can still paint walls, doors, railings and he can use a darn roller on an extension. 1. And if boss says no, screw you, we can probably win if we get a lawyer. Lawyers cost money. Going on disability until we win means serious loss of income. 2. Yep, we can ask for them to find him another job on campus that doesn't require ladders. But there are no such openings right now. Hopefully there will be but not right now. 3. Have contacted several Disability lawyers who have said they only deal with social security issues or Discrimaination cases ( can't prove boss has retaliated). 4. Have looked at JAN network but no wording that fits us. Have looked at PF and MJ Fox site and no wording that fits us. DH probably has years and years (god willing) to work. He just has tremor and a bit of a balance issue. So... I would LOVE to see wording your dear ones have used to ask for reasonable accommodation with PD. Anyone?