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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! I am new to this forum. My husband was diagnosed with PD four years ago at the age of 59. At that time it was deemed early onset. He had excessive saliva, was very slow, freezing when walking, and much more. Meds did help but they have been changed a few times. About a year in he had a few hallucinations. Over the past six months he has gone downhill. Things are moving faster than I expected. His gait and balance is worse. He had one fall at work before he took medical leave. He hasn't been diagnosed but has R.E.M. Sleep Disorder, but doc thinks he has it. He has talked and screamed in his sleep for years but recently fell out of bed acting out a dream. That is a little background. What is puzzling me the most is his breathing. About 6 months ago he began being short of breath. His neuro said to see if it continued and it did. Last month a chest X-ray indicated COPD, but today he had a PFT and the nurse said it was fine and even asked why he was there. He doesn't struggle all the time but struggles at rest as well as with activity. He has a stress test and echo upcoming. Over the past weeks he has developed a 'barrel' chest. Could his Parkinson's be responsible for his breathing difficulties? He is on Sinemet, but it doesn't seem to matter if he just took his meds or not. Thanks for any help you can give.