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Found 1 result

  1. ** UPDATE 1/31/17 see page 2 *** I was researching Parkinson's a few weeks ago and was astounded to find I had well over 20 symptoms. I made a doctor's appointment with my Primary doctor. That visit was today and I left the visit even more confused. He did not do any tests other than to have me grab and squeeze his fingers, and stand, while he gently prodded my stomach. He did NOT have me walk to see my gait, he did NOT stand behind me to pull me back and see how my balance was. He stated my slight tremors were not bad enough, that he would not do anything for Parkinsons unless I was in full blown shaking tremor mode, and wildly shook his hands to demonstrate. He said the Parkinson's med side effects are worse than the symptoms, but he would run basic blood tests to see if it something else. I was taken aback that he did not ask me my list of symptoms or ask to read it. I would think almost 30 symptoms would warrant a referral to a movement specialist or neurologist, or at least a chance to go over the list with him, but he didn't think so. Is this all in my head or did this doc just blow me off?!?!? Here are the symptoms I am having on a very regular basis: Hand tremors - pill rolling movement Some tremors in leg too Rigidity in hands - muscles flex and cannot move fingers Similar happens in legs and feet. Problems getting up or out of car. Once out, cant get going quickly - slow shuffling gait, walk hunched over Easily lose my balance. Lose balance in shower leaning back to rinse hair Dizziness when getting up or bending over/standing up Definite loss of sense of smell Severe fatigue insomnia, difficulty falling asleep Waking up frequently Have to get up several times to pee Nighttime leg cramps/spasms Sleepy during the day Handwriting seems smaller Short term memory loss Difficult to make decisions Difficulty multi-tasking Difficult to comprehend things Difficulty judging distances Speech changes - softer Apathy - no interest in anything Urinary issues - constant need to pee and incontinence Constipation is back big time Blood pressure increased last year - first time ever Depression starting in due to apathy If anyone has suggestions on my next move, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to wait until this is so bad I am unable to work. I am only 50 and need my job, however these symptoms are already creating havoc at work and at home. Thank you. DaynaE