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Found 1 result

  1. Hey forum.. 38 year old male here from Canada.. I have been struggling with some not so nice symptoms since February 15, 2016. I will try my best not do give you an extremely long story, as I have noticed when people reach out for help it sometimes can lead to writing a novel, and I don't want to lose anyone because of an overly long post. One morning I woke, and went to take a shower, and all of a sudden I was having a standing balance issue. Not dizzy, just unsteady. This has NEVER gone away, and it's with me all day. I have been to a few hospitals and they all told me it was either vertigo or anxiety. After seeing my fam doctor she referred me to a neurologist, and I have also seen a internist doctor. The neuro was a joke and didn't even properly asses me. He started sending me for sleep studies, and after doing a few of them, it turned out that he actually attached my name to the wrong file, and I was doing tests that weren't even related to my symptoms. I asked to see a second neurologist and he told me from my symptoms that I explained to him it sounded like it could be stiff man's disease and or early onset of Parkinson's, but he didn't want to commit to an actual diagnoses, and said that the stiff mans disease would be one in a million. I had to debate with the neuro to even get an EMG, which is next week. It just feels like everyone is sweeping this under the rug and nobody is taking me too seriously. I don't do drugs, drink, and or smoke. I am straight edged and know when something is wrong with my body, and I'm in trouble. Anyway, my symptoms are as follows, postural instability, but my walking is fine, although sometimes my leg on the left side gives out. Pins and needles down my legs, and sometimes in my face. Super cold feet, and sometimes hands. Still have strength, but I am also developing a small tremor throughout my whole body in both my hands and legs, but only when I make movements. I'm dropping things a lot, and becoming very clumsy. Cognitively I've taken a hit too, and I scramble for words, and sometimes get confused real easy. I have extreme stiffness in my shoulders (neck & shoulders) like a coat hanger, and sore joints in my elbows, and hip. I also get muscle twitches through my body, and sometimes they hurt too. Did I mention too that I have a body itch that is unbearable at times? I have had MRI's in February, March, June, all for my head, neck, and spine, everything came back clear, but they did find some mild arthritis in my C7 spine, but they said this is normal, and in my lumbar spine they found a minor disc bulge and a small annular tear, but they said that these things would not be causing my symptoms. I have had tons of blood work, and no signs of infection, and no diabetes, my b12 levels were good also, and no thyroid issues. Even as I type this I am feeling a weird sensation, almost like I know I am typing, but it kind of feels like my hands aren't my own. I also have tinnitus, sometimes blurred vision that comes and goes, and now blood pressure problems as well 155/101, and honestly it just feels like my body is attacking myself, and my brain is frying. Sometimes my legs also feel very heavy. I have no wife or kids, and not a lot of friends, and I feel like I am at the edge of my mental health, and the fact that this has been going on for over 8 months with no diagnoses, I'm getting scared now that I am slowly passing away. I have spent thousands of dollars on eye tests, chiropractors, acupuncture, physio, and no relief. Anyway, the reason I'm here on this forum is because is just to connect with people who may have idea of whats going on with me, and I would appreciate anyones opinion. I did just recently have a nerve conduction test, and a muscle test. The doc came in and said that I don't have MS and or ALS. I asked her about the small intention tremor in my hands, and she said that it could be many things. She said that Parkinsons is one of those dieases that when someone comes into their office, they know right away that it's Parkinsons. I just find it very hard to beleive that things need to get worse for them to make a diagnoses. I swear to god, if one more person says that what I am struggling with is Anxiety, I may just lose it on one of these doctors. She went on about how the body can put out more carbon dioxide when they are stressed. I am isolating myself, and I'm more worried about becoming so sick, that I won't even be aware that I am sick..If that even makes any sense. I own a home and am now on LTD, but my finances are running out, and so is my energy. And you know what? I wrote a novel.. Sorry Please help...